Zalgo, the internet. 1. ZALGO GENERATOR Zalgo Generator

Zalgo, in technical terms, is a Unicode. Unicode actually gives a certain amount
of freedom to the user in constructing a design over a pre-defined
character. In other words, you can add a number of symbols in up, down,
and middle of a character. This is not possible for a
conventional 7-bit or 8-bit numbers. Earlier, these 7-bit or 8-bit codes
used to store the alphabets or characters of a language. And
each language had its own codes to store the alphabets. Therefore, it was
a tough job then, to first recognize the source of any
particular language and then start
reading it accordingly. Unicode came
into existence and simplified the problem. 
Zalgo texts are specially used on the occasion of
Halloween. During Halloween, you can find a lot
of creepy Zalgo texts in the
posters, pamphlets, magazines, etc. But now, since it is the age of the
internet, therefore, usage of the Zalgo texts has got no
limitations. If you wish to send a creepy email to
your friend or even post something forbidding into your social
media, you can do it with ease. Today in this article we
have listed out few of the best Zalgo text generators or
more specifically, they are websites that you can access using
the internet.


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Zalgo Generator is a free and
user-friendly Zalgo text generator. It can convert any
dull text into a Zalgo text and give it a creepy look. The
webpage is gently animated with two text boxes and few
buttons. One text box takes the user
input texts and the other gives you the output. So,
simply write any text into the
former text box and click on the “Generate” button. It will
then generate the Zalgo text. If
you want more designs, keep on clicking the button. For one
single click on the generate button, it will produce only one Zalgo text. You can also further customize the
generated text by selecting among six different options; up, middle, down,
mini, normal, and maxi.



It is another customizable Zalgo text generator
where you can actually set the amount of Zalgo for
any text. After you go to the site, scroll down and enter
your text into the left box and it will automatically show
the Zalgo text on the
other box. You can also make an adjustment for the
generated Zalgo text. You will find three
options; top, mid, bottom and along with that you can also
adjust the height of the Zalgo by two
sliders control; min and max. Overall, the site is
very easy to handle without any complications. You can use
the generated Zalgo text by copying it and
saving it to your notepad
or WordPad. You can also directly paste it into
your social media post, email, etc.



It is a free, simple, and easy to use Zalgo generating website. The website
includes only the basic functionalities; generating,
and re-generating Zalgo texts. There
is nothing fancy with the page layout and the user-interface. After you get
into the site, you need to write any text in
the box that says “Type text, words,…” and it will generate the Zalgo text by itself. You can also
select the purpose for which you are generating the Zalgo; Facebook, Twitter, Email, Other from the
drop-down list. And according to that, it will generate
the creepy Zalgo text. In
case, you don’t like the
produced Zalgo, you can click on the
“Re-generate Zalgo Text” button and with every single click, it
will show a new Zalgo text.


Though it is an automated various fonts generator
when it comes to generating Zalgo text,
you will have to do it manually. Do not worry; Messletters is as promising as the other Zalgo text generators. It’s actually an easy task
without any complications. Once you get into the
site, all you need to do is type any text in the
red text box. You will find the
generated text below is also a plain text without any changes. In
this part, your creativity will come into action
as you have to select the symbols for the upper, middle,
and lower part of the text to
convert it into a Zalgo. After
your quota of satisfaction, copy the text and
paste it to use it into your social media post,
to email your friends, etc.



Lingojam is
the simplest Zalgo text generator in
the list. It is an automated tool that will produce the Zalgo text for you without even clicking or
pressing any button. Just keep on writing as much as you want
and it will continue generating the Zalgo text simultaneously. The
UI is what makes it an effortless website among
all. For achieving the Zalgo text, you need
to fill the left side box with any texts, words or numbers
and it will bestow you with your desired output in
the right box. You can adjust the height of the Zalgo by increasing the craziness level
slider that you will find in the right box.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to the users
that do not try to include any symbol or character in the middle of the
text. Always try stacking them either in the top or down but never in the
middle as many websites or applications don’t support that and it will show
some small square boxes instead of the character. But other than this, all
of the above-mentioned tools are very much functional in
generating Zalgo texts.


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