Youth Sports

There are many different perspectives from parents when it comes to putting their children into sports at a young age. Some parents feel that competitive sports for children at an early age can have a negative effect, while others simply just don’t have the time or support children needed to participate in sports. Parents should place their children in sports or marital arts at an early age, because it teaches them responsibility, teamwork, and discipline. According to an article “Youth Sports” from Pediatrics.

com, benefits of children who start sports an early age include the following: encouraging a healthy lifestyle and continued physical activity as they get older, building motor skills, teamwork, making new friends, and avoiding obesity problems. Sports educates children how to work well individually and as a team. Whether it’s a team sport or individual sport, all sports require interaction with other people. In addition, it enhances childrens communication skills. Being on a team helps children acquire new friendships with other children.

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Also, teamwork is extremely valuable and enhances social skills. Whether you’re the quarterback of the team or the kicker, everyone has their role and each individual is responsible for their part. Sports help to build self-confidence. Being a team player and contributing to the team will lead to confidence in oneself. Having your team rely on you to do your part is a responsibility. Knowing that you’re able to step up and do your part is beneficial in many ways. It shows responsibility and willingness to take on challenges.

Responsibility is a great quality relied upon for any job in any field of work. Involving your child in sports will help maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to an “Weight Problems and Obesity in Children in America” an article by Helpguide. org, Young Children and SportsPage 2 extra pounds put kids at risk of serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. Overweight children are also frequently teased, which can lead to low self-esteem, negative body image, and depression. But with the right guidelines you can help your child reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity is on dramatic rise in the United States and diabetes due to lack of exercise. Sports is an excellent way to help children exercise, staying productive which helps kids against involvement in gangs and drugs. Statistics show a large number of gang members and drugs abusers start at an early age due to lack of supervision they need. Sports can also promote constancy in child’s life. Also, sports help children build good work ethics through rules and audiences. All sports have set rules that must be followed, as well as consequences for breaking each rule.

In addition, sports can led to opportunities and open doors for kids. Sports have led many athletes to receiving scholarships for college, and at times can be the difference between being able to afford college and not being able to afford to further their education. Sometimes scholarships can enable students to attend a university versus a community college. On the other hand, some athletes choose to continue school for the sole purpose of staying active in their sport. By doing so, this will show students that sticking with their goals and being dedicated gets you places.

As a result, they will most likely show this same dedication in the future. Learning to show dedication at an early age is indispensable. It would be hard to succeed in anything without being dedicated. The main concern most people are worried about is the negative effects of competition. According to the American Association of Pediatrics, children are often pressured by parents to excel in their sport rather than emphasizing the importance of just playing no matter what the outcome may be. Many believe that one of the most valuable lessons

Young Children and SportsPage 3 developed from youth sports is the development of the outset of fair play in a way that children can recognize and apply it. Children of parents who over pressure them often feel they cannot ever lose at anything and winning is all that matters. Today, many children get more upset over the outcome of a game rather than the sportsmanship displayed. With proper awareness, this concern can be addressed rather easily. Many sports programs offer parent meetings to emphasize the importance of proper coaching.

By requiring all programs to offer information on proper coaching and influence, this concern can be greatly decreased. Children who compete fairly benefit from structure and the healthy competition created within these programs. In order to realize the most benefits from these programs, parents must recognize the impact of their personal expectations on their child’s stability. What parent would ever want any type of negative effect on their child’s behavior? If all parents had a better understanding of proper coaching, this wouldn’t be an issue.

If the quality of adult supervision is high, children can achieve all of the rewards that sports have to offer. Organized sports for children and preadolescents provide an opportunity for increased physical activity and an opportunity to learn team skills. Sports programs should complement, not replace, the regular physical activities that are a part of free play and physical education programs. Sports can be a wonderful learning experience that can result in life-long friendships. It can be the backbone of good health and physical fitness.

Sports can teach children a lot of things such as: dedication, discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and self-worth. As a member of a team, you feel like you matter and you’re a part of something. Your child could take so many things away from being involved in Young Children and SportsPage 4 positive group settings, and sports is a great way of doing that. Youth sports gives parents the fantastic opportunity to be involved with their kids. Once a child decides to play sports, you’ve taken on the important role of “sports parent”.

Being involved is not just about coaching. As a spectator, you will undoubtedly experience the joy, frustration and intensity of watching your kids play sports. But win or lose, it is important to be a good influence. Sports have serious benefits, not just physically, but socially and emotionally as well. It’s all about striking a balance. If you understand the good role parents’ play in a program, you will find many ways to boost your child’s self-confidence and create a positive, long lasting sports experience.


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