Work () WMSDs do not typically result from

Work related musculoskeletal
disorders (WMSDs) are disorders of the muscles, joints, discs, ligaments, other
supporting structures and nerves to which the work environment and the
performance of work contribute significantly to its onset, aggravation or
progression. () WMSDs do not typically result from instantaneous or acute event
(such as slip, trip or fall) but reflect a more gradual or chronic development
(although may be caused by acute events) () They are often referred to as cumulative
repetitive disorder, Repetitive motion injuries or Repetitive strain injuries.

Many studies have shown Increasingly evidence of work related
musculoskeletal disorders among workers in the United States health care
() In 2015, The MSD incidence rate for nursing assistants was 171.0 cases per
10,000 full-time workers. () WMSDs prevalence have also been studied among physicians,
surgeon, registered nurses and physical therapist. () In one of the studies conducted
to find out the prevalence of WMSDs among five different health care
professionals working in a tertiary care hospital, Sandul and Paramasivan(2014)
 concluded that doctors had the lowest
risk of WMSDs while the nurses had the highest risk.  Cromie et al (2000) also found 91%life time
prevalence of WRMSDs among the physical therapists in the US. 1 in 6 physical therapists moved within or
left the profession because of WMSDs. 

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WMSD reduces
productivity as well as the quality of life of Health workers. It accounts for
more than a third lost—workday case.1 In 2015, the overall
incidence rate of nonfatal occupational injury and illness cases requiring days
away from work to recuperate was 104.0 cases per 10,000 full-time workers. () WMSDs
are also the cause of significant increase in workers compensation and overall health costs. ()

causes of MSDs is multifactorial, however many studies found out that prolonged
awkward posture, heavy lifting, repetitive stress, work load and duration of
employment were significantly linked with WMSDs among health workers.




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