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Women’s rights and economic development are highly correlated. Today, the discrepancy between the legal rights of women and men is much larger in developing compared to developed countries. Historically, even in countries that are now rich, women had few rights before economic development took off. Is development the cause of expanding women’s rights, or conversely, do women’s rights facilitate development? We argue that there is truth to both hypotheses. The literature on the economic consequences of women’s rights documents that more rights for women lead to more spending on health and children, which should benefit development. The political economy literature on the evolution of women’s rights finds that technological change increased the costs of patriarchy for men, and thus contributed to expanding women’s rights. Combining these perspectives, we discuss the theory of Doepke and Tertilt (2009), where an increase in the return to human capital induces men to vote for women’s rights, which in turn promotes growth in human capital and income per capita. On January 21st, 2017, there was a worldwide protest called, The Women’s March. This was to advocate legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues, including women’s rights. A lot of people especially men and our current president disagreed with it, and still do. This impacts sexual harassment, abuse, inequality between gender, noo workers rights, no civil rights, and no environmental justice. Everything that is impacted is harming women, not men. Women are being raped by men. They are being harmed and it is all caused by men. Women are empowered to do things that they could not do back in the 1900s. Now since marches and movements are all dedicated to women’s rights, women feel the need and have the right to go to work, get an education, and graduate from school. These movements help women who are scared to voice their opinions, let them know that voices are heard. People disagreeing with a movement or march can cause danger. People may start harming women if they do not support women rights. Some women are able to get an education now. Back then women were not allowed to get an education, they were forced to stay home cook and take care of the house while the men went out and worked. Now women are encouraged to work, go to school, and get an education. Many women started to stand up for their rights, such as voting, getting an education, going to work. The more women stood up for this, the more confident these women got which made them fight in this battle until they won. Topics like sexual abuse and rape are some reasons why many women movements are promoted internationally and globally. These women stand up for those who are being raped and sexually abused. All these women work together and spread awareness about those things that are happening and many of us are not even aware. People are starting to realize what the effect is, without, or with women being harmed. People are starting to understand that women are needed in the world and that not caring about them or treating them in a harmful way is not causing any good to them. It is affecting them in a negative way, because behind every successful man is a successful women. The Second World War changed the United States for women, giving them freedom and many economic opportunities, and far more rights than they had ever gotten. Over three hundred fifty thousand women volunteered for military service, while twenty times as many stepped into civilian jobs, including positions previously closed to them. More than seven million women who had not been earn wage before the war, joined eleven million women already in the American workforce. Between 1941 and 1945, an untold number moved away from their hometowns to take advantage of wartime opportunities, but many more remained in place, organizing home front initiatives to conserve resources, to build morale, to raise funds, and to fill jobs left by men who entered military service.


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