Women the prostitutes can carry on their business

Women facing such kind of exploitation are further exploited
by their non- acceptance in the society. Prostitution in India is not illegal
per se but activities related to it are considered in contravention to the law
such as pimping, carrying out the activity in hotels or public places, kerb crawling

The Immoral Traffic(Suppression) Act of 1956 is the basic
law for the status of the sex workers according to which the prostitutes can carry
on their business privately but not in public. Laws in India do not regard sex in
exchange of payment as prostitution. There is no clarity as to what constitutes
the crime and laws are totally unclear related to prostitution which makes it
really difficult to grant punishments accordingly. There is an immediate need
to lay down laws , rules and regulations including the punishments , keeping in
mind the status of sex workers and maintaining the decorum of the society.

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According to the act, the prostitute shall be arrested for
soliciting their services within the 200 yards of the public place and same is
for the clients who indulge in such activities within the 200 yards of the designated
area. Major reason for prevailing of social evil like human trafficking in the
society is prostitution. In cases of human trafficking the responsibility of
the government sets in and thus it is the duty of the government to rescue such
victims. Here a  question arises whether
prostitution should be legalised or not and the answer to it is very dicey as
one hand many women earn their livelihood by entering into such an occupation which
is an old practice and on the other hand, such practice completely leads to
providing of a path which would increase the number of evil practices in the
country like human trafficking , forcing children and women into providing
unwilling sex services which leads to exploitation of their status in the
society and exploiting their image in their own eyes.

Courts being the source of rendering justice to
the people of the country by implementing the laws in the right manner through
the laws laid down by the legislature can only be a way to provide better vision
to this evil of the society. Thus, the role of executive, legislature and
judiciary is of immense importance to throw light upon prostitution in the
country , because growth of the country doesn’t include growth economically but
also protecting the citizens of the country by providing them better laws for
their better survival and thus, better contribution


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