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    With recent disasters happening throughout this whole fall, one would think that change would come about by now. However, many of these events prove to be inappropriate times to discuss change as people grasp their beliefs in denial that what they believe in may be morally wrong or harmful to others. This holds true in regards to gun control in the United States this fall, specifically the Las Vegas Shooting, which occurred on October 1st, 2017. From this one may inquire: To what extent have recent events affected views on gun control?    In order to answer this question, one must first understand the factors that play into an individual’s mindset. An individual’s political affiliation, where they were born or currently live in, and other factors contribute to an understanding of why their opinions on gun control may or may not be swayed by such events. Additionally, understanding the severity of such a tragic situation must also be explored in order to comprehend why an individual’s opinion could be affected by it.     The Las Vegas Shooting left many individuals in terror and many injured. With fear of terrorists in mind, confusion is one obstacle that may get in the way of change. In such a tragic event, one tends to stick to their principles and beliefs and utilizes any means to defend them and validate them (Barron). With this in mind, this investigation must be made with the understanding that political affiliation or area of residence can influence an individual’s bias.  Thus, why the survey contains questions of that nature to further understand why recent events may or may not affect opinions. Data Collection StrategyDue to the constraints of gathering information on the whole population, for this investigation, the sampling will be taken from surveying approximately 150 students attending Mount Saint Mary’s at random. Understanding that these students come from different areas and are exposed to media and news about such events, the results may simulate the opinions of the rest of the population to an extent, by which media controls what the audience sees. While this sampling may also result in a skew due to the social justice nature of the school and its students, it can also offer implications as to who and why certain individuals may or may not be swayed by recent events. Expected Outcome/HypothesisWith this in mind, the extent to which recent events have affected views on gun control could be said to depend on the individual’s beliefs and opinions. However, from the aftermath of the Las Vegas Shooting, it is apparent that recent events don’t greatly influence an individual’s views, which can be seen through the lack of change that legislation and mobilization of people who want change to occur. In this sense, the significance of this investigation lies in determining the reasons as to why change does not always occur in the aftermath of tragic events like mass shootings, its implications, and possible ways in which change can be brought about. Methodology    To find a correlation between recent events and its impact on the views on gun control, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics will be utilized. Methods and formulas such as Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient and Least Squares Regression Line will be utilized to find the relationship between the recent events and opinions on gun control. Additionally, confidence intervals will also be utilized. The surveys will be conducted using SurveyMonkey due to its useful tips and templates. In regards to the programs used to make all calculations, a TI-84 graphing calculator, Google Sheets, and Excel will be utilized to find calculations such as standard deviation, aid in creating graphs and charts, and provide visuals for the steps taken in concluding the relationship and extent to which recent events affect opinions on gun control. Data Collection    A survey was chosen to collect the data for our investigation as it involves finding the relationship between recent events and its impact on views on gun control. The survey was created using SurveyMonkey due to our familiarity with how the program works and its efficiency with creating questions and simple formats. In creating the questions for this survey, the audience and goal of this investigation were kept in mind. Utilizing questions that referred to the respondent’s background such as age, political affiliation, place of birth and residence were all necessary to comprehend why some may or may not be more influenced than others by the Las Vegas Shooting. For questions regarding gun control, Likert scale questions were utilized to measure the impact the shooting had on their opinion. By utilizing a survey to gather data, it was easier for us to collect it from our intended random sample of 200 students. To make the survey as fair as possible we sent the link to students via email and other forms of media. The following is the list of questions we created for the survey: What is your age? What is your ethnicity? (Select all that apply.)What is your political affiliation?In what US region were you born?In what US region are you currently registered to vote?Prior to these events, to what degree did you agree or disagree with the idea of owning a gun?On a scale of 1 (no effect) to 5 (major effect), how much have recent events swayed your previous opinion on gun control?Should the current gun control laws be more strict, less strict, or about as strict as they are now?Do you favor or oppose a law that requires background checks on all gun sales?Do you believe stricter gun control laws would reduce the number of shootings and violence?     Due to the fact that the survey was an online one, there was no need to create a schedule to pass it out. There were no specific times where we asked our respondents to answer the survey, the answers were submitted at random times. Fortunately, there were no issues with sending and submitting the survey, which made collecting results from the survey more efficient. From what our group could tell, there was no bias during the collection as we made sure to randomly select our respondents from the Mount student population, and due to the constraints of answering online, we were not aware of who our respondents were or looked like. The online survey, for this reason, was a good choice for our study as it allowed respondents to take their time to answer each question when they had the time rather than having to rush their answers to get food or get to class. In this way, we feel that we were able to reduce the amount of bias in our results and avoided any potential problems that could have risen had we passed out paper surveys to students randomly or systematically.


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