With aspirations and expectations of present young generation

With increased competition in various industries including
the service industry, operators have turned to bundled and converged services
to improve their market positions. The ability of operators and their partners
to rapidly seize new opportunities anticipate customer demands and be able to
quickly modify strategies and position themselves in the consumers mind will
determine the ongoing success of industries in the Indian Market.

Companies in the Telecommunication industry in India
have come up with different approaches in developing positioning strategies
even though all of them have the common objective of projecting a favorable
image in the minds of the consumers. Position strategies can be conceived and
developed in a variety of ways from object attributes competition Application,
Flexibility, Reliability Dependability, Value for money or the characteristics
of the products class This research is carried out to know about what
strategies BSNL company has used to reposition their brand image of the
“company, products and services” and to know if the new strategies implemented
by the company has reflected the level of consumer satisfaction or not. The
research paper speaks about the new strategies introduced by the company to
meet  the aspirations and expectations of
present young generation has regarding the quality of the product and services
provided by the company and at the same time have to satisfy their esteem,
style, life-style, fashion, and prestige of possession “needs”. At the same
time to maintain  the present traditional
market base customers and their expectations and requirements to retain the
present market share and regain and expand the market base to the present
generation needs and international customer’s needs. We have in India major IT,
call centers and BT multinational companies which holds a great market share of
land phone, cell and internet broad band facilities and how  the BSNL has repositioned its strategies in
meeting national and international consumers brand and service quality

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