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Why Migrate To Sharepoint 2019

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Microsoft has announced an enhanced SharePoint 2019 release
in mid-2018. The OneDrive and SharePoint progressions seem to be the show
stealer in the recent announcement by Jared Spataro, General Manager for
Microsoft Office.

To utilize these features to the fullest, organizations need
to migrate to SharePoint 2019. Of course,
there are many SharePoint migration services and SharePoint development companies
available to guide and aid you through
the process. But, are the new features valuable enough to go through a migration process?

Well, they definitely are. And here’s why.

Security and compliance

Although the coming improvements are said to be a preview,
the new features do answer some lingering shortcomings and unspoken
insecurities that organizations face when they think of ‘compliance and

Multi-geo capabilities

Organizations get to choose the regional location for storing
data and search index. This allows customized server locations even though the
system is cloud-based.

Service level encryption with customer key

This feature has been available in SharePoint online for
some time now. It enables the organizations to control access to content on an individual basis; the key can be revoked
when required by the organization.

Regularized device access

This will enable organizations to limit access on a site-by-site basis (in OneDrive) from
devices. This is based on the classification of content.

Improved Admin Centre

The admin home page contains the following tabs:


Site Management


Device Access


The home center gives you the big picture to analyze
file-based and site-based activities. With the help of this analysis, the admin
can find dead sites, observe user activity and have a bird’s eye view of the
site analyses.

As you can see, Microsoft has borrowed the Site Management
feature form SharePoint Online. This feature enables the admin to manage sites
and the activities in every site in one go. There are filter and sort options to group and manage sites with ease.

The device access feature helps the admin to control content-access
to non-compliant devices, thus restricting precious data leakage.

A new feature: Hub sites

A hub site is a new feature that will help the organizations
collect and group similar team sites and Communication sites. It promotes a
common UI and enables search throughout the grouped team and communication
sites. It can aggregate activities, news, and related information from the
related sites and display accordingly in the hub site home page.

This feature is very interesting,
because it will help organizations engage
the users through a non-invasive method of information sharing.

Improvements in Communication sites and Team Sites

Microsoft has announced new improvements in the device
compliance area of communications sites. Owing to this, users can concentrate
on the content or message and not worry about how it will look in various devices.

The already existing team sites have been improved by
integrating it with Office 365 groups. Apart from document libraries and data
sharing, the team sites can be used to stay connected with the team members

SharePoint 2019 is packed with valuable enhancements and
additions. Therefore, migration of data to this versatile, cloud-based system
will definitely help you in future endeavors. If you choose to migrate to
SharePoint 2019, choose a good Microsoft SharePoint Migration Services and Microsoft
SharePoint Development Company. Paragyte has been helping its clients find
feasible and sustainable Microsoft solutions successfully. You can contact
Paragyte (Contact info) to know in detail about migration to SharePoint 2019.



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