Why college athletes should be paid

 college athletes should be paid

Dear [Insert Editor’s Name],

College athletes should be paid for their efforts and the sweat they give on the field. The coaches and administrators are taking advantage of these players. In last year’s survey, some coaches were earning $4 million dollars. Why are the players leaving with their hands empty? Majority of these coaches and administrators do NOT deserve such high funds. They are not the ones playing the games. The public is NOT buying their jerseys, hats, or fan gear. These players are being exploited as cheap labor while coaches receive checks.

Without the players, majority of the coaches would not earn such high incomes. The NCAA must revise the rules regarding collegiate sports. Even our president, George Bush, stated that colleges should pay their players for their work. It is time for colleges to do the players right. The coaches must consider the students first – why are there so many coaches denying this change?  The only answer I can guess is the administration is scared, selfish, and won’t allow it to continue to get the money. How can an organization practice such actions with so many students in need of help after their college years are over? If an athlete ranks in $20 million dollars during his college career, he should get a piece of the pie. The pie should not be eaten by folks who did not stay in the heat on the field.

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