Who take the best route available i.e. we

Who do you want to be? A Successful Person?
Time management is essential for students to remain focused and have a blooming
career. Students should adopt habits like organizing time, setting up
priorities and maintaining logical schedule on daily basis to manage time more

Many students genuinely study a lot,
but liveliness gets better when they get control over their time. The main idea
is students could visualize the upcoming events, days, months and plans things
accordingly. There is a proclaim, “Fast is better” How we can reach from one
point to another within time-limits (Fleet J & Reaume D) which is through
visualization and personal assessment. For instance, while travelling we take
the best route available i.e. we plan accordingly. Students at last, must
analyze the time spend on recreation, travelling, eating, study, sleep which
will help in balancing and organizing schedule for future. Moreover, by
modifying habits, they can get better control of precious time.

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Making more time for priorities will
eventually leads to success. People spend thousand hours over a skill, in order
to master. Students need to create a schedule with more time on priorities.
They do not need to master everything but just a skill which mind desires. First
students need to envision and make a schedule accordingly like mark all their
fixed engagements
classes, games, tutorials. Second, they need to add a block for other interesting
activities, learning a skill, edge towards one subject etc. Third, mark all
other activities like recreation, playing. For instance, an Olympic swimmer has
also studied everything but he emphasizes more on his swimming skill. Thus advance
planning will increase awareness, making it less likely to waste time.

Students are influenced by many ideas
and desires which originate in their minds frequently, they should not get distracted
but think logically and actively. Activities should be timeline depending upon
the bodily cycle for instance if we fall sleepy after continuous reading or
work, then go for a short walk or take a power nap, instead of fighting with eyes.
Moreover, students can plan a calendar with events and deadlines which eventually
helps them adjusting or rearranging a plan, if they are falling off schedule.
Alongside, students need to know they are not robots, they need to relax to do
stuff more efficiently. Never the less, schedules made logically does our job
done and teaches us time management.


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