While or by mixing it with soda and

While it may seem that over the counter drug medications are
completely harmless and safe, it’s important to understand that these drugs can
still be addictive when abused. OTC drugs are medications that can be purchased
without a doctor’s prescription and are considered safe when the recommended dosage
is taken. However, abusing these medications can cause serious damage to the
body and an OTC drug addiction should not be taken lightly. According to The
Addiction Center, 3.1 million people aged 12-25 have used a nonprescription
cough and cold medication to get high. Banyan Detox Center shares with you the
most common OTC drug addictions.


Medicines (Dextromethorphan)

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Repeated large doses of cough medicines can cause hallucinations
and extreme panic and anxiety. Many young people take these medications for the
sole purpose of getting high by swallowing it in its original form or by mixing
it with soda and the long-term effects of this abuse can be damaging. Intense
misuse of this drug can ultimately cause liver damage.




While so many people rely on caffeine such as coffee to get their
day started, abusing caffeine pills with an excessive dosage can lead to
physical dependence and addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are very common once you
build up a tolerance and stop taking these pills and a caffeine overdose can




This is a main ingredient in many cold medications such as Sudafed.
This drug is a stimulant and many people who abuse or take larger dosages of
pseudoephedrine are searching for a body-high or a euphoric feeling. There are
many dangerous side effects to a cold medication addiction such as vomiting and
breathing problems.


These are just a few of the common OTC drug addictions out there,
and it’s important to always take the recommended dosage of these medications
and use them for the intended purpose. You can avoid addiction by being
careful, however if an addiction occurs, you can seek professional help. If you
are looking for drug or alcohol
treatment in Stuart, contact Banyan Detox Center today. 


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