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While conducting my research I have learned that we should never forget the fact about an important figure, and friend of Malcolm X, Yuri Kochiyama. The first time they met was in October 1963 at a Brooklyn courthouse. Yuri Kochiyama was one of Malcolm X friend. Kochiyama, a civil rights activist, met Malcolm X after she was arrested alongside her son in an October 1963 Brooklyn protest. As they were waiting for their hearing on civil disobedience charges , Malcolm X entered and show his support. She wanted to meet Malcolm X so bad and with that it meant is was the beginning of their relationship. Kochiyama, who straddled black revolutionary politics and Asian American empowerment movements during decades of activism which was just beginning when she met Malcolm X. His exposure to unprejudiced white people during his trip allowed him to become more open to other races from that point on. Although this period is less than a year (his trip to Mecca which occurred  on April 1964, and his assassination occurred  on February 1965), he extended his relationships beyond the African American community and befriended people that were  Latinx and Asian-American leaders (civil rights movement.)  It was absolutely crazy to think that after all they have been through the stuck together no matter the circumstances. I come to find out that, “Japanese-American activist Yuri Kochiyama has died of natural causes in Berkeley, Calif., at age 93.” Yuri Kochiyama, was a friend and she was a witness of the tragic day when her friend Malcolm X was assassinated. Yuri Kochiyama cradled his head as he took in his last minutes and after such a long time I feel like they finally reunited.  After he was shot several times she had rushed to the stage and said, “Please, Malcolm, please, Malcolm, stay alive.” I couldn’t imagine losing someone that she considered like a second cousin, she was a strong women.  Kochiyama had built a very close relationships with revolutionary nationalist leader Malcolm X.


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