While have an equal saying in debates.[2] However

While Anonymity has
existed prior to the usage of the World-Wide-Web the internet makes it
significantly easier to be anonymous and to establish incognito communications
using pseudonyms.  Since most electronic
mail services permit the users to choose a name they prefer and make no
inspections of the real identity. A person can send and receive e-mails or
participate in online forum discussions while using a forged name and so have
conversations without having to reveal his or her real identity.1

In many online
communities anonymity is being more and more related with the freedom of
expression and speech. It is valued as a key factor in establishing an
environment in which people’s thoughts and ideas are only judged by their merits
and are untouched by prejudice. It provides a foundation for all people to have
an equal saying in debates.2

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However there is
almost no guarantee for being 100% anonymous on the internet. As the ISPs
(Internet Service Providers) log the physical address also known as the IP
address of the computer, as well as the host name it is possible to track the
activities of users on the web. Even if IP addresses with a short life span are
used, the ISP can identify who used which temporary address at a specific time.3

However the lack of anonymity integrated in the
internet can be explained according to IISP (Institute
of Information Security Professionals)
Analyst Joel Odom’s statement: “The Internet was not built
for anonymity, so it is not practical to expect IP addresses to remain private
without the use of services explicitly designed to anonymize traffic, such as

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