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Whether you are running website or blog, the key to generating passive income is traffic.There are so many strategy and techniques in this new marketplace and people are following the new strategy and new updates but important is it works for you are not!Because to generate traffic we don’t need how many latest strategy you are using for your website, we need the result, generate massive traffic from that strategy.Following are some ways that will help to boost traffic to the website and generate passive income.SEO- To Get Targeted Traffic:Today, not only generating traffic is important but also generating most relevant and targeted traffic is important and will happen because of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).You have to find out your niche relevant keywords, put them in heading, title, URL, content.Then it will be much easier to stand up in the search engine and double your business but you need to learn the special trick of SEO.Content is King:Whatever people getting know about your business is using the content. You are telling them what your product or service is!Today is the world of internet where you and your business is connected with the audience using the internet. So the quality content of your website and social media page can tell people more about your business.Content is everything which tells about your business to your audience. So this is the age of no quality content no business.Post Articles on LinkedIn:LinkedIn is world’s largest network of professionals where you can meet your service related people.Posting articles regularly on LinkedIn can increase traffic to your website.Your LinkedIn profile must be well updated to show your audience what you are how qualified your services or products are!Email Marketing- More Than Perfect:What people are talking about Email Marketing current, outdated, the latest- not important but every day you can see there are several emails presents in your inbox.And it shows the popularity and importance of email marketing. It has an ability which not have in any other medium.Because it creates valuable and personal touch. And people always love the personalization.Make Sure Your Site is Responsive and Faster:More than 80% of people leave a site if it is not responsive and not faster.Here you lose your huge amount of audience Moreover mobile usage is on high nowadays and will be in future. So your site must be mobile friendly.As said above how SEO is used to boost your website traffic, responsive sites help to improve SEO ranking. So there are so many reasons why your website should be responsive and faster to grow your traffic.In Glance:Traffic to your website shows aliveness of your business so the success of the business depends on traffic.So if you are not attracting visitors, you are losing important something. There are so many digital marketing companies in Pune who provides better services of traffic generation.


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