When who are the most important experts? What

When conducting a technology assessment, there are a lot of questions why it should be performed. First of all, the reason for the evaluation to be undertaken should be well defined since it contributes to the
general outcome and results of the process. Other questions like “what are the
goals that the technology attempts to achieve? Are
they achieved by the invention? How has the technology affected the
users and society as a whole? Who is the right person to conduct the
assessment? What are the right procedures and many more questions?” Another
important question is “what are the steps of conducting a technology assessment
and who are the most important experts? What are their roles and how can it
affect the process if the experts do not coordinate well?'” all these questions
and much more help to gather information
which is important and give a structured approach to a technology assessment.

There are a lot of challenges that occur during the
technology assessment process which may affect the outcome of the process if
not addressed in good time. First, if the coordination of all the expected
experts that include the strategist, scientist, user and the lawyer, then the
result will be weak. Another challenge is
a lack of enough information about the history of the technology. There have
been several cases of people who have the data
to be reluctant to give it to the person who is conducting the process. It may lead to baseless history and poor
predictions of the future about the usefulness and progress of the particular

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People who carry out the research have come up with
different ways of solving the challenges they face while conducting the assessment.
One of the ways is choosing the technology that has information which they need, and that will support their research. The choice of the technology
to be assessed should depend on different factors including a dependable source
of information about the history. The one who is conducting the assessment
should make sure the team he or she chooses to work with are able to relate well and coordinate to avoid
problems and incompetence during the process.


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