When Music Heals Body and Soul

“Music becomes a crucial first step in a sequence followed by spontaneous improvement and speech therapy”. Professor Sacks stated in his short story “When Music Heals Body and Soul”. When people listen to music it is usually for pleasure and can change a person’s mood from anything, but in this case it brought back forgotten memories to patients. Professor Sacks came across patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Amnesia, and Strokes. One of the patients professor Sacks talked about has not been able to gain any new memories due to his brain tumor.

He did notice when they talked about old music that the patients Amnesia seemed to be temporarily disabled. Sacks was exposed to recurring causes like this during his research. Sacks experienced something similar firsthand when his leg was briefly paralyzed. During his rehab recovery he forgot how to walk, but when he started to replay music in his head he started to regain memory of how to walk again. Professor Sacks stated that the music gave him his own energy. As he went on with his recovery Sacks walking started to improve. Another one of Professor Sacks patients Dr. P was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The patient Dr. P was incapable of identifying or recognizing common objects, use or comprehend words, and dressing himself. Professor Sacks discovered that Dr. P could remember how to dress himself and other daily things such as brushing his teeth if the steps were in a song form. Singing these songs triggers something in the mind that makes it possible for the patient to remember. In conclusion, professor Sacks and his patients all experienced a health issue that was cured by music. As music was introduced to these patients it triggered something in their mind that made them remember a past experience.


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