When 1948 when Czechoslovakia turned Communist. The United


When looking at the explanation that states may have differences between one another which will then lead them to have disagreements about balance of power which could possible lead to war, the Cold War is heavily involved in this explanation. The East and the West had many differences which sparked off the Cold War, the biggest difference was their ideologies. The United States of America believed in a Capitalist society which believe that everyone should get freedom, everyone’s business should be owned and run by private people and firms. Whereas the Soviet Union believed that a country should be run on Socialism. When General George Marshall visited Europe, he saw that Europe was poor and feared that they would turn into Communist countries. To stop this, he created the Marshall Plan which was $17 billion to find the European Recovery Programme this was done to get the economy of Europe going again.  The Congress hesitated at first but then agreed in March 1948 when Czechoslovakia turned Communist. The United States of America done this as they were fearful if communism was spreading more which would then lead soviets having more allies which will help them conquer the West (history.state.gov, 2003). This suggests that the explanation of issue indivisibility can support the Cold War to an extent as the thing cannot be divided with bargaining in this case is territory which will lead to a war to break out. The Korean War is a prime example of where war and conflict broke out as a result of issue indivisibility. This is evident because the prime reason as to why the Korean war came about was mainly because it was just another episode in the Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. It is argued that the Korean War is considered as ‘turning point in the Cold War’ (Malkasian, 2001, page 6). Furthermore, the United States of America went to war in Korea to mainly undermine communism and compete with the Soviet Union for world domination. Additionally, the Soviet Union’s reasoning for going to war in Korea was to expand communism and to avoid the Chinese leader from establishing relations with the United States of America. Although, this doesn’t give an explanation for other reasons as to why the Cold War occurred in the first place.


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