What ways to cast away self-doubt and boost


What matters most is how
you see yourself. You can be a lion or a cat, an eagle or a butterfly, great or
mediocre depending on how you view yourself. Believing in yourself is quite
powerful that it can bring you closer to your aspirations and take you higher
than your expectations. 

You often hear the phrase, “Believe in yourself” from family and friends who know
your full potential and care enough to see you succeed. Another way of saying it
is that you can do it. It is a positive attitude that lifts your spirit and
push it more at times you need it most. You are the driver of your own life;
therefore only you can take control of your life. What you become tomorrow depends
largely on your plans and actions today. By knowing your own self well, you can
tell what your capabilities and limitations are; you fully understand what you
are able and unable to do. You know yourself better more than anyone else in
this world. Therefore no one can dictate to you into doing something you don’t
want to do nor prevent you from doing something you dream of doing.

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Still there are times when
self-doubt creeps in and take over. Sometimes you walk away from opportunities
and forever regret what could and should have been. Yet it’s never too late to
conquer your fears and insecurities. It’s always never late to start over again
and cultivate your self-esteem. 

Self-esteem is very much
like a garden that needs to be tended and cultivated, to prevent weeds to creep
in. Self-doubt, just like a weed, is harmful because it can gradually destroy
your confidence. But be aware that it is part of you that needs support.

So here are ways to cast
away self-doubt and boost your self-esteem:

1.    Evaluate self-doubt and fears. Doubt and fears
are negative human emotions. You need to assess them in order to address them


2.    Practice daily affirmations. Affirmations are
powerful positive statements that help condition your mind into doing and being
great. Affirmations like “I’m worthy” or “I’m going to practice more to be a
good dancer” can let go of negative self-criticism. You can speak the
statements out loud in front of a mirror, or ask a friend to repeat them to


3.    Focus on your competencies. Determine your
positives and find opportunities for continuous growth. Learn to accept
compliments from others, rather than denying them. List down the qualities that
you like about yourself and affirm your worth. Take time to celebrate your
successes and give yourself a pat in the back for jobs well done.


4.    Surround yourself with positive people. Be with
those people who love you and treat you the way you want to be treated. Do
yourself a favor by cutting your ties with negative and toxic people. It’s easy
to feel bad about yourself when you are with people who don’t see your worth.



5.    Be assertive. Be confident that you can do your
things right. You don’t have to stress yourself too on pleasing others. Learn
how to say “no” when you mean it. Limit yourself on things you do for others.
Also, be in control of your decisions.


Improving your self-esteem needs some time as it involves maintaining
healthy emotional habits, but when done repeatedly can bring much gains and a
feeling of self-worth. As most people say, believing in yourself is a choice
you constantly make. And if you believe, you can do whatever you want to
achieve success.

Herewith are the reasons why you should believe in yourself:

1.    You become who you create yourself to be.
Everyone has the power to believe in their own thinking, the possibilities of
imagining the great possibilities. If you see yourself a hero, you become a
hero. If you see yourself a mentor, you become one.


2.    If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else
would. The only way to convince the world is to show that you are what you
believe you are. Your life is your one great asset; live it wisely by following
your heart’s desires and doing things you want to do.


3.    You can achieve success and be an inspiration
to others. Believing in yourself is a step closer to your dreams and by
constantly doing so can fulfill your life’s desire to be successful. With it,
you can empower others to do as you are.


Nothing is impossible when
you believe in yourself. The word itself guarantees that – I’m possible.
–Audrey Hepburn





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