What Factions server (fable factions). It was decently

What is your in-game name? My in-game name is IAmPoochy but I first joined the server as Niels195. Unfortunately I lost that account but now I have a new one.How old are you? Im 16 years oldWhat time zone are you in? I live in Belgium so my time zone is – (GMT+1). This allows me to be on at early times during the day when pretty much no staff is online.Are you multilingual? Can you speak multiple languages? – Yes I can, my native language is Dutch but I can also talk English, a bit of French and also a bit of german. What is your experience and knowledge of Arkhamnetwork? I have played for over 2 years on this server and I really enjoyed it. I firsted started my adventure on arkham when somewhere in 2015 a friend of mine asked if I wanted to play some prisons. I quickly joined and experienced how fun this server really can be. After a few months i began to play some other modes like skyblock and GTA back in the time. I really enjoyed all of them and I would really like to make all those great modes even greater.What is your experience with moderating servers, if any? – A few years ago I was moderator on a Factions server (fable factions). It was decently popular to my memory and I made quite of a few friends there in which introduced me to a lot more on Minecraft. I do not have any proof of me being Moderator on these servers as it was a very long time ago. I do not have any other experience with moderating servers / other servers. I did get interested into wanting to become staff for other servers. Why do you want to become a moderator on Arkhamnetwork? – I want to become a helper for a number of different reasons. 1. To moderate the chat: I’ve often seen people flame and break chat rules. But, I can do little about it besides report, which would only waste time of both me and staff members as it’s most likely over when a staff member sees it.2. To easily record hackers: Of course you can /report, but I will likely die before a staff member sees it. And as a Mod I wouldn’t have to wait for a report to be looked at.I think this is a great server but like any other server this server has issues. There are alot of toxic players and also alot of hackers, I think the staff does a great job but I can always help and make it better.Which Arkham server(s) are you most active on? I am most active on prisons but from time to time I also play on skyblock. I spend quite a few hours each day playing on there.Do you have TeamSpeak and a microphone? – Yes, I have TeamSpeak and I come on and normally chill in some TeamSpeak rooms. I also have a triton headset that cost me $100 so I guess that is a pretty good microphone.Anything else you would like to state? – I am quite a talkative person when the conversation gets going. I tend to carry on conversations and try my best to get people to laugh as much as I can even though I’m not a very funny person. I also like to use some memes here and there as a funny joke but most of the time it isnt. #HarambeWhat do you consider your greatest strength? – I can keep calm when I really want to. I can understand that items I lose are just something in a game. Betrayals are slightly different, but I stay quiet and calm myself down. I can think twice before acting. I can take a lot of flame, and still judge people by their actions and not because of anything personal.I think thats allThank for reading 🙂


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