What can break the harmony of the country.

What is Central Board of Film Certification?Central Board of Film Certification is a statutory body under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This body works on the Cinematograph Act 1952 and regulates the public exhibition keeping in mind not to hurt anybody’s feelings. Currently, the chairman of the Central Board is Mr. Prasoon Joshi. Censor Board works on censorship of the films removing the vulgar or inappropriate scenes as to not hurt other people’s sentiments and maintaining harmony in the country Why censorship?India is a country with millions of people having different religions and different beliefs. One person making a film with something offensive to another religion might cause socialist feelings and rebellious expressions.Advantages of censorshipPrevents conflictsCensorship is done to avoid offensive comments that may anger a particular caste or community. In one way, censorship helps in promoting peace in the country. For example: The film named Water was based on the difficult lives of widows living in ashrams. This film hurt sentiments of Hindus which led to burning of poster and finally, this film was released in India in 2005Security measuresThere are many films that might have sensitive military and government information. This makes them more dangerous for releasing the movie because certain terrorist might be waiting for this only to strike and harm us. Avoid children from being exposedMany films have pornographic as well as violent content that may not be appropriate for the younger generation. If they watch even one such thing, they might become more and more curious about such things making them more insensitive. Controlling panic and fearMany films have such information that can break the harmony of the country. For example: The movie Black Friday that is based on Mumbai Bomb-Blasts of 1993. Due to this, this film was banned for 2 years full of controversies.Political reasonsThere are many films that portray certain religions as they need to be sympathised and portraying them as the biggest victims. One such example is the famous film of Shahrukh Khan ‘My Name Is Khan’. In this film, Shahrukh Khan had made a comment on the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers from the Indian Premier League. Due to this, a political party namely Shiv Sena had tried to prohibit the release of this film and when the film released, many theatres were attacked by the party workers.Reckless stuntsMany of the films are such that they have reckless stunts performed to attract more and more public attention. Due to this, many people have even tried to enact the stunts leading in many deaths and more being injured. One such incident is about the death of two tourists due to enacting the ‘Bahubali’ waterfall stunt.Disadvantages of censorshipAs much as we love someone caring for us and our feelings, but, there are certain things that some of the people dislike about censorship. Oppressive natureThere are films that have had a great battle with censor board because they were related with the freedom of people that hurt others sentiments. One such film is ‘Lipstick under my Burkha’. This movie faced a lot of controversies due to some abusive words and a bit sensitive touch about a particular gender. Here, they have tried to oppress the feelings of women of different age group. MisleadingNo matter how good a movie is, if it contains anything opposing what we are taught in our daily lives, it takes a lot of time to get approvement from the censor board. For instance, the movie Udta Punjab. We are told every time that police officials are someone whom we can blindly trust and they will be there for us 24/7, but in this film, it is shown that the drug raids that are made have a lot more drugs than shown in the news channels. We still don’t know what the truth is but because of this, we can know better on whom to trust and whom not to.The Internet Even if the censor board becomes an expert in cutting down the scenes and protecting the public, the internet has it all, even the uncensored scenes can be found. Discriminative natureThe censor board attains certain powers of which they take full advantage. Sometimes, even they are not the proper people to secure the public exhibition. For example, in the movie ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, there was a bra scene that was cut off and on the other hand, in the film ‘Freaky Ali’, the main lead role was shown selling men’s underwear and boxers that was not cut from the film. This tells us that even the censor board cannot do complete justice to anyone and can often be discriminative between men and women.Famous controversiesThere are many movies that have created chaos in the country. Some of them are: Kurbaan Kareena Kapoor’s bare back in the film’s poster hurting sentimentsRang De BasantiUsing a horse for one scene in the film that was later cut.Oh My GodControversy due to honest portrayal of religious situation in IndiaAarakshanBased on caste based reservation systemPadmavati ControversyLast but not the least, the most famous controversy of 2017, the Padmavati controversy. This film has not yet been released and there are many reasons behind it: There is this Rajput caste group named Karni Sena in Rajasthan that is highly opposing the release of this film because they believe that the film would be an insult to their ancestors and have caused havoc to stop the release of this film. People think that this film’s true motive is only to earn profit.Many people think that the filmmakers have completely distorted the actual version of the story making it fictionalConclusionIndia is a democratic country with a variety of films made on various topics. With people of different religion, having different perspectives, any film can offend anyone. Also nowadays, films have many vulgar scenes, nudity and violence which is inappropriate for the audience. Hence, to conclude, it would be the best for everyone if films are censored.


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