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What is trezor ?trezor 2.0 is the hardware wallet for securely store Cryptocurrencies. It’s simply USB connectable and allow to receive, store and send bitcoin, ethurum, ethurum classic, Zcash, Litecoin, Namecoin, dogecoin, dash and bitcoin testnet. Basic Technical Details about trezor 2.0 CPU – 120 MHz embedded ARM processorScreen – Bright OLED – 128 x 64 PixelsSize and weight – 60mm x 30mm x 6mm / 12gMobile – AndroidLayout and Packagetrezor 2.0 is very small and handy product that can easy to use. A simple device with a small screen and have two buttons to send or disprove. This is extremely portable and can be installation any computer or laptop with USB port or any smartphone by using and OTG cable or adaptor. This is comes with two different colours. They are black and white. The package includes trezor itself, a short USB cable and instruction paper. Set up and useSimply plug trezor 2.0 into computer and it will direct to their website immediately and then you have to download chrome extension. After complete this session it will appear 24 randomize words on your trezor 2.0 screen. This is very important and you have to write these 24 words on somewhere and keep them securely. This will working as recovery key of your funds. If your trezor ever get lost or stolen you will need this 24 words for recovery your funds. After done this process now you can access to your wallet through dashboard of the website. Now on your dashboard you can see your public key. You can use this public key to transfer Cryptocurnecies from your other wallets and give this public key to peoples receive Cryptocurnecies. Once you received Cryptocurnecies you can unplug trezor and now your Cryptocurnecies are 100% safe and secure. SecurityFirst thing your trezor 2.0 comes in a very tightly sealed box that’s filled in tight plastic. When you plug this device to your computer very first time it just directs to their website and erase every data on your device and immediate download the latest security firmware. And most important thing is when you try to send money from your device to other address you can verify transaction from your trezor screen. If your computer get affected virus or malware attack it’s easy to change address without you knowing. This is most important feature on this device you can identify address is correct from the device screen. And also every time you plug in your Trezor to computer you have to enter four to nine digit pin code to access to your Cryptocurnecies. And the last thing of this device security. This is only have USB connectivity. There is no bluetooth, Wifi or NFC.I think people have two major problem to solve before purchase this hardware wallet.What ever happen my trezor 2.0 get lost or stolen ? Do i loose my Cryptocurnecies ? No never, you can recovery your funds easily from 24 words seed when you get that installing device first time.What happens If ever trazor company go out from the business or shut down the website? Nothing happens you hold the private key of the trazor and you able to restore your Cryptocurnecies with 24 words seed.Compatible walletTrezor is compatible with few other software wallets also.Desktop wallets – Electrum, MultiBit HD and Green addressAndroid wallets – Greenbits and MyceliumPricing –  €89It cost per one $99 and have a discount for three. It cost  $276.  


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