Western that had large amounts of European immigration

Western Civilization, also commonly simalated with western culture is a European lifestyle. This would include the beliefs, social norms, ethical values, political systems, and so on. This term has come to describe most of the places that had large amounts of European immigration to them such as America and Australia. Western civilization is filled with artistic, legal themes, traditions, literary and philosophical. The political thought thrown in with Western civilization was human rights, equality and democracy. Traditions are a big part of western civilization, they are passed down from one generation to the next to keep it alive. Any of these could be on a big or small scale. Most families have their own traditions but also countries have traditions such as holidays that are celebrated every year at the same time. Also social norms are pretty similar across western civilization such as gift giving on holidays, or raising your hand when you have a question, and waiting your turn in line. Another big one would be the political system most western civilizations are based off of a democracy where the people have an equal voice in who they elect to lead their country and someone that they can trust. Also democracies have it set up so not one person holds all the power but several people divide up the power so the laws and roles are not based off of what one person thinks or feels is right. Equality is another way of thinking as to no one should be treated based off of their back grounds or where they come from. That everyone has an equal say in  things and isn’t treated by the way they look or what they believe in. Also believed throughout western civilizations is human rights and what people can do with their lives. Like people have the right to live, the right to believe in any religion they want, and the right to speak freely and to protest. Western culture is an ever adapting culture that has changed many times throughout history. It is a very popular way to live in today’s world and many countries that do not share this are trying to convert to this culture.


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