Were the 9/11 responders in New York City

Were the 9/11 responders efforts effective? The 9/11 attacks costed the United States about 10 billion dollars in infrastructure damage. About 3,000 people died and at least 6000 people were injured. When the planes hit the North World Trade Center there were loud sounds and a ton of smoke. Almost everybody who witnessed this thought it was just a freak accident. But 17 minutes later at 9:03 am on September 11, 2001 another plane hit the South Tower everyone knew, the United States was under attack. On September 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked and crashed into 3 buildings and a random field. These were called the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attacks on America were attacks by a terrorist organization called al-Qaeda. On September 11, 2001, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked 4 different airplanes that all took off from the east coast and were heading west. According to history.com, they chose flights going from the east coast to the west coast because the planes had a lot of fuel on them. The hijackers easily smuggled box-cutters and knives through security at the airports. Like I mentioned before, two of the planes crashed into the Twin Towers in NYC. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon. And the last plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. According to britannica.com, the attacks were financed by al-Qaeda. The leader of al-Qaeda at the time: Osama Bin Laden britannica.com stated that he believed that the USA was weak and he referred to them as “paper tigers”. britannica.com also said that all 19 of the al-Qaeda terrorists died. The attacks on the “Twin Towers” in NYC were extremely deadly and according to history.com about 2763 people killed in New York. In an interview with my Great Uncle, he said that almost immediately after the attacks there were police officers and firefighters on the scene helping out. But were these responders efforts to help people effective? I will tell you why responders were very effective. And I will explain how they were effective.    Firstly, the 9/11 responders in New York City saved a lot of lives. According to a book I read called, 10 True Tales: Heroes of 9/11 by Allan Zullo, a lot of responders went into the buildings to get people out. Since the buildings were on fire and taking elevators weren’t safe, the firefighters and police officers that went into the World Trade Centers had to climb all the stairs. Some of the helpers went to the top of the buildings to direct people what to do. Also, helicopters went to the top of the World Trade Centers to pick people up and bring them to safety. Although not many people could fit in the helicopters, they still saved a lot of lives. Another way that the responders saved lives was after the buildings fell, some respondents went and dug through the rubble and ash to find any survivors. While some responders were helping at the crash site, others were helping people by giving out water to people and sometimes directing people away from the crash site. Due to the fact that many people got injured, nurses and doctors at a variety of different hospitals had to work extra hard. Also, according to my Great Uncle, police officers with trained dogs used the dogs to sniff out some responders. My Great Uncle said that only one of the dogs used to find the responders died. Having dogs also help was a great thing to do because there were many people stuck under the rubble and the dogs helped find them. Because the responders and dog responders saved so many lives that it makes their response very effective.Secondly, the responders worked super hard. All of the workers and responders had to work for hours after their shift ended. According to my great uncle (who was a police officer at the time of 9/11). He worked from 9 am in the morning to about 3 am the next day. That is 18 hours! Also, according to a book, I read called, 10 True Tales: Heroes of 9/11 by Allan Zullo. Some firefighters who went into the World Trade Centers before they fell had to carry at least 30 pounds of equipment while climbing the stairs of the World Trade Center. While I was reading 10 True Tales: Heroes of 9/11 by Allan Zullo. It said that when the World Trade Center was falling down there was an older bigger lady that couldn’t walk down the stairs anymore. Instead of leaving her there like she asked. The firefighters carried her all the way down and to add on to the first reason, they saved her life. My Great Uncle also stated that the NYPD had to call people out of retirement to help at the crash site(which was nicknamed “Ground Zero”). Calling people out of retirement meant that even the retirees had to work extremely hard. Working very hard meant that their efforts were even more effective because they were able to help more at “Ground Zero” and even around “Ground Zero” Although the responders to the 9/11 attacks in New York City were amazing and effective. There were some things that could’ve been improved. Firstly, according to a website I read called 5 things I saw as a 911 first responder most of the respondents were actually regular citizens. The website said that New York City didn’t have enough emergency response personnel. This leads me to believe that there weren’t enough trained responders and this is a big problem. Even though the civilian responders were good and helpful, more trained personnel would have been way more effective and maybe even could have saved more lives. On the other hand, without the civilians there helping out it would’ve taken more time to find people in the rubble or move large and heavy items. In the end, I still think that in this situation the pro’s of the civilians helping outweigh the cons of not having enough trained personnel. I think this because as I previously stated the civilian responders still helped out a lot and without them, the responders wouldn’t have been as effective.In conclusion, the responders to 9/11 in New York City were very effective and helpful. They were effective because they worked very hard, they worked long hours and even went into the buildings. Also their response was effective because they saved a ton of lives. Even though there weren’t enough trained responders, the pros of having more civilian and overall respondents outweigh the cons of not having enough trained responders. I think this because the civilians helped out a lot and they were very useful.


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