Weekly Class ReflecWeekly Class Reflection tion

Weekly Class Reflection (WCR)

1) At what moment in class this week did you feel most distanced from what was happening? Why?

Having missed a couple of classes it was hard for me at to bring together all the information being divulged and it distanced me at times from the case study that was being done. However, the comprehensive manner in which the information was presented especially the visual posters helped make things more personal and clear.

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2) What action (by you, another student, or the faculty) that took place in class this week did you find most affirming or helpful? Describe the action and why you identified it as affirming or helpful.

The fact that lead-poisoning can play such a huge role in the cognitive problems we see every day was a fact I had not realized. The way the entire group related the information regarding lead poisoning and created the need of assessment which took diagnostic to a different level was very helpful. As a nurse it affirmed my knowledge that sometimes within the symptoms of an ordinary problem is a cause or factor that may be different. The visual posters created helped bring the knowledge into better focus and helped me retain the information in a better manner.

3) What action (by you, another student, or the faculty) that took place this week did you find most puzzling or confusing? Why? What would have helped to make it less puzzling or confusing?

There was very little that was confusing in class. At times something the faculty said was surprising but the manner in which the questions are handled ensures that very little confusion is left at the end of the day!

4) What about this week’s class surprised you the most? This could be something about your own reactions to what went on, something that someone did, or anything else that occurs to you. Other comments, suggestions, concerns (please use other side of page)

Before attending this class I had not realized that so many cognitive problems can be related to environmental problems and pollutants. I had believed that ADHD and similar disorders were inherited. Realizing that something like lead poisoning can be a cause of so many disorders was an eye opener.


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