We lot and sometimes this mental illness leads

We have all been in situations where our heart starts to pound faster than normal and sweat running down our faces, obsessive thoughts or our hands and whole body starts shaking. Some of us tend to always feel this way because it is a teenager stage we are going through caused by stress but others have are diagnosed with this mental illness which is anxiety. People have physiological problems that affect their personal lives in many ways. In catcher in the rye Holden throughout the novel has showed signs and symptoms of anxiety. Symptoms like panicking, heart pounding, fear and even isolation.Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders accord in teenagers. People with anxiety tend to overthink a lot and sometimes this mental illness leads to depression, abuse of drugs and alcohol. We see Holden smoking in this novel   on page 41, ” he never smoked in the room. It was only me.”  He shows the abuse of alcohol as well on page 149, ” i was getting drunk as hell.”  he was at the bar getting drunk till 1 a, and stated that he couldn’t see straight. Another symptom that Holden shows is his obsessive thinking and judgement.Holden is obsessive when it comes to his roomate ackley and how disorganized he is. In the book he complains a lot about how dirty and disgusting he is. He tells us how disorganized he is and you can that it really bothers Holden. “He always picked up your personal stuff and looked at it. Boy, could he get on your nerves sometimes.” (Chapter 3) Holden gets stressed for the littlest things which can lead to anxiety. An example of this is when Ackley was trimming his nails in the dorm and Holden told him to go trim the somewhere else sounding frustrated. “Ackley! For Chrissake. Willya please cut your crumby nails over the table? I’ve asked you fifty times.”  Teenagers with anxiety have problems with social realtionships.Holden isolates himself quite a lot  in this book, he always seems to be alone or pushes people away.


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