“We induced. However, because of biological differences between

“We have cured mice of cancer for decades and it simply didn’t work on human beings”. Dr Richard Klausner the former director of the national cancer institute tells us how pointless animal testing is. In this essay I will present arguments against animal testing. Including unreliability, cruelty and costs. Firstly, animal testing is very unreliable. Animals do not get many of the same diseases that humans do so they are artificially induced. However, because of biological differences between humans and other animals, a cure could work on a rat but not on a human. For example, 95% of drugs fail in human tests despite good results in animal tests. Also, using mice and rats for safety tests on drugs is only accurate 43% of the time. These statistics prove that animal testing is unreliable an unpredictable. Secondly, animal testing is extremely cruel and unethical. Animals are put in cages and are only let out to be experimented on by being force fed chemicals, shocked, burned, starved and many horrific experiments conducted with unreliable results. Each year over 100 million animals are killed in laboratories while being experimented on. This shows how poorly the animals are being treated. This has to be stopped. Thirdly, lots of money is wasted on pointless experiments when all the money could be better spent. In the USA $16 billion are spent annually for animal testing. Also, the national institutes of health allocate 40% of its annual research budget to animal testing. Spending all that money on unreliable tests is a waste. Finally, there are other ethical ways to test products and cures for diseases without harming animals, some scientists have started using more reliable tests like using human cells and tissues which are known as in vitro methods, advanced computer-modelling techniques which are known as in silico models and there are some people who volunteer to be experimented on. Harvard’s Wyss institute created chips that contain human cells grown in a system to perfectly mimic human cell function and structure. The chips can be used in place of animals for disease research, drug testing, and toxicity testing and they have been more reliable than testing on animals.  In conclusion animal testing is unreliable, cruel and a waste of money. The time, energy and money should be better spent on ethical ways to research cures or test beauty products, animals are not ours to experiment on. 


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