WAYS earn income through their daytime jobs. ·


Illiteracy is a problem that attacks every public at
some people. Even in highly educated countries, there are people that slip
through the blows and are unable to read in a speaking way.

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Free schooling:

The facility of free education in schools, colleges, and universities by
the government can play a main role in falling the level of illiteracy in a
country by receiving more people to school. Since some people fail to appear
school due to lack of money to pay for the fees, offering free education can
increase the number of people joining school and after reduce illiteracy levels
within a culture.


Creating care round the position of schooling can help people recognise
why they need to go to school. The groups which ae not under government,
government activities, and other alarmed parties should put in place careful
measures to create alertness in the society and reduce the number of people who
can’t read and write.


Giving free contributions free aids, and scholarships can reduce much  load that parents and students accept in
paying for education. It would make it possible for students to learn without
interrupting their education due to lack of school fees. Parents would also
channel the money that would have been used to pay for school fees towards
other income making projects. The cost of financing education can prove to be
too high especially for those who live in poverty.

Late night

Working people can opt for late night classes. In this way, they can
learn even as they earn income through their daytime jobs.




The government and different foundations can offer free books in schools
to encourage students to develop a reading culture. Offering free books can
also reduce the financial burden placed on parents in the provision of


Since we live in the age of technology and information, creating digital
platforms for reading and learning can help reduce illiteracy in the society.
It can also help take care of the challenge of shortage of education
facilities. Digital libraries can provide a good platform for those who live
far away from urban centers to expand their knowledge base and become more

educational cost:

Even though education has its rewards, it is very costly to finance.
Many graduates usually leave school with huge debts in the form of student
loans. It makes saving and investing difficult. The cost of university
education has been a key political and social issue in many nations. By
lowering the cost of education, the government can make it easier for people to
study up to the highest level possible.

with illiteracy in school:

Part of the difficulty is that many parents and
guardians, a considerable number themselves illiterate, neglect to send their
children to school on a regular basis. Government should create a communities  to find those households not sending their
children to school and to apply the law as it relates to the attendance of
students in school”.

to Islamic republic Pakistan:

v  Education should be our
number one priority.

v  Increase in budget of
education is must. A uniform system of education where the medium of
instruction should be one.

v  Gender discrimination to be
discouraged and the concept of ‘education for all’ should be propagated.

v  Teacher training programs
are also a requirement. They can help them by arranging a free tuition centre.

v  Technical education is also
must. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan emphasised education to fight the masters and
powerful of that time.

v  The students who understood
the importance of education were the flag bearers of Pakistan. Today the only
hope to build Pakistan, fight all the evils and overcome problems depends on
our sincerity to prepare our younger generation to be physically and
cognitively strong. Those who are well versed in reasoning and research and
have a vision for the future. This cannot be accomplished without meaningful
and an objective academic background. Such rock solid foundations of today are
the only investment for a secure future.

v  Gap between upper and lower
class should be finished if we want a literate society.


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