Virtual is with UPS truck drivers. There is

Virtual Reality is a growing idea and the
uses are widespread. VR programs have been around in similar applications for
some time now, they are just now becoming easier to make and many different
companies are producing them. Just looking up the top companies in the world
who are producing VR systems you can see the range at which these companies are
looking to use VR for. The question that is posed is. What is the best use for
VR on a business to teaching scale? Now this is two parts, the first is how
Virtua reality effects businesses and the second is how you can teach or learn
through virtual reality. These two ideas can be combined as the correlation can
be seen instantly.

Use of businesses that can use Virtual reality see to use them as a teaching
tool. You can create those environments for your workers or even first-time
employees new to the job. You can create the world with the exact job that they
must perform. They easily could see everything about that said job. A prime
example is with UPS truck drivers. There is a scheduled time in their driver’s
training program that specifies Virtual Reality training because you can
simulate driving the truck. This is a great system if you are new to the job
and have little experience with driving trucks of that size. Another Great
example that the video from the submission site gives, is simulating the
climbing of a cable tower. If you can have this system in place for newer
employees or even at a job fair than the ability to know if someone can handle
the job well would be easily known without having to put that person in the

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biggest application of Virtual Reality that I see the best use for is in the
education department. I specifically mean the field of medicine. Virtual
reality in the medical field can be huge for students. Yes, there are many
great ways to learn and study, but many programs take years in fully mastering
and most students are under strict rules. The money that is spent on studying
using Cadaver’s and Animal bodies is also a very costly form of training.
Introducing Virtual reality instantly can make a difference. With this training
tool, you are not able to set up any scenario, with any outcome and teach the
student without repercussions. The Virtual Operating room will have a big
impact on new students as medical fields require a lot of work to gain the
degree and the doctorate. A program where they can insert themselves into that
medical room and see everything, how its supposed to be laid out and where the
tools are to what the readings on the monitors mean. The possibilities are
endless, since with the ability to replay and retrain certain things allow for
specialization. People can perfect their craft at certain aspects and become a
cut above the rest in their field. This, however should not be a direct
substitute for the real thing as the person needs to feel out their
surroundings in real life as well. Who knows though? That might change, and a
fully immersive Virtual Reality could come into play at any moment.

two main points here are that with Virtual Reality being a new used production
and multiple companies trying to figure out the best use for this technology.
We must look at the practical reasons, the ones that are going to better us a
group of people. Businesses can use this to become a cut above the rest, and
schools can use this to train their students to be the best of the best and
separate themselves on a different scale of learning than previous. 


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