Vice is an obvious sex wage gap in

Sports presents a startling story on the pay disparities between the NBA and
WNBA by highlighting two players in each league, one big time, one part-time: “Diana
Taurasi made the All-Women’s National Basketball Association First Team in 2014
and helped the Phoenix Mercury win the association’s title… That season, she
was paid the WNBA maximum pay of $107,500. In that same season a player for the
Phoenix Suns played a total of 198 minutes. For those minutes– the main minutes
Christmas has played in the National Basketball Association– he was paid the association’s
minimum of $490,180” (Berri 2015) The first question we must ask is whether
this comparison is even legitimate. The NBA produces much more income than the
WNBA; all things considered, it’s nothing unexpected that the NBA players are
paid a higher compensation. In his article “The Inequalities of Basketball”, Fields
explains that the most elevated NBA players check is $20 million dollars while
most elevated WNBA compensation is well under $100 thousand. Though these are
the two maximums, the most generously compensated female player, Candace
Parker, was just paid $44 hundred-thousand in the 2015-16 season. The pay for
the NBA rookie however is $1 million (Fields 2016).

the gap between Christmas and Taurasi proposes that there is an obvious sex
wage gap in professional basketball. Berri states in his research titled,
“Basketball’s Gender Wage Gap is Even Worse than You Think” that,
“Two elements manage a laborer’s wage. The first is the income created by
the firm that utilizes them. The second is the specialist’s capacity to can
foresee an offer of that income”. The union and the proprietors of the NBA
had agreed by discussion that a portion of the organizations income ought to be
paid to the players. Vice provides more statistics on the tilted financial scale
the WNBA and NBA sit on, “The WNBA is just paying its players around 33 percent
of its overall income—a far lower number than the NBA’s 50 percent” (Berri

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cause for the hole in pay is the distinctions in prominence between the two
leagues. Fields goes on to say that “The fame of an association drives the
compensation.” The NBA players can request more cash since they pull in a
bigger gathering of people. “In the event that the groups players were
paid similarly, the WNBA’s sales in things, for example, tickets or jerseys,
would need to rise a mind boggling sum” (Fields 2016). As indicated by the
basketball fans, pay rates are a disparity in many games that have both a male
and female group. In any case, the organization can’t overlook that if they
plan to change their profits. “The NBA is a business. They can’t be
fruitful without fans that purchase their stock.” says Fields. The truth
is that the pay of the players relies partially upon how much cash the
association makes from the fan apparatus and ticket sales.

Another cause behind
this dissimilarity in pay is the assumptions of what parts women and men should
have inside a general public and how they should introduce themselves to the
world at a whole. It is a common argument that telling boys and girls the roles
they should assume at an early age can be extremely damaging. The first shift
in blocked off gender roles in the world of basketball came with Becky Hammon
being appointed to the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach. Regardless of
having a resume that included being named one of the WNBA’s 15 biggest players
ever, playing in the Olympics and spending a whole season interning with the
Spurs instructing staff before being given the job, numerous NBA fans didn’t
consider the contract of Hammon legitimate. The opinion of the fans was a
non-factor in the decision to hire Hammon according to Greg Popovich, the Spurs
head coach: “I think some people thought this
was some kind of gimmick, or we were just trying to be cool… I don’t even look
at it as, well; she’s the first female this and that and the other.”

does the problem exist? Much the same as in pay, the men’s and women’s
basketball associations are unequal in number of teams. The NBA comprises of
thirty groups while the WNBA comprises of only twelve. The quantity of teams
mainly relies upon which states and communities can stand to afford a NBA team.
Conclusively, the NBA, who figures out where teams are moved to and begun, own
the WNBA. There is no doubt that the quantity of groups relies upon the amount
of cash the association has. As the NBA grew and profited over time more groups
were moved and made. As per Fields, “The WNBA is beginning to rise, so I
can understand why the quantity of groups is unequal.” One proposed
solution is to decrease the number of NBA teams in an effort to allow more WNBA
teams in the states that NBA is left in more financial freedom. By bringing
down the number of groups, everyone in the NBA and WNBA should profit and
ideally draw in a bigger gathering of people. As indicated by Fields, “All
together for the WNBA to be fruitful, they need to profit by selling
paraphernalia and tickets; in light of the fact that the WNBA groups and
players do not have the same number of fans, and do not cash in as much as the
men, the ladies won’t profit.”

question of why this problem exist is also a result of sponsorships. NBA athletes
can score deals with big brands like Nike and Adidas. Indeed, this is a piece
of the motivation behind why numerous men and women’s organizations are so
unequal; the measure of cash made by proficient women relies upon the amount
that the association makes, not the amount their sponsorships earn them. Since the
WNBA is not as mainstream as the WNBA, pay is certainly going to be unequal.
The WNBA does receive sponsorships but not in the grandiose way of commercial
ads and shoes that are named after them.

 When you first view a WNBA game what you may
first notice is their jerseys; each team in the league has at least three company
or non-profit’s logo on their uniform. Other major leagues have avoided putting
sponsors on their jersey’s, but the WNBA has been profiting from it since 2011.
The income creating move helps out the WNBA with the financial problems they
already face. Teams like the Phoenix Mercury are no exception. Though they have
won three WNBA titles, the uniform advocacy is ostensibly the reason they are
still around the in Pheonix. the Fields says, “Men’s basketball has been
played for a much longer time than women’s basketball. The principal women’s
NCAA title was in 1982. The men had a much earlier start.” (Fields 2015). Some
ball fans concur that if the WNBA had been made in 1949 like the NBA (the WNBA
was really made in 1996) it might have had a better chance at success than it
does today.

solution I propose is to first change the dialogue we hold with our kids. We must
erase the distinction between male and female athletes as greater and lesser. Both
groups of people work to perform at the peak of their abilities for the game
they love. Financially, there are simple solutions to erasing the inequality
between the WNBA and NBA. As mentioned earlier WNBA players receive only thirty
three percent of the league’s profit while NBA players receive fifty percent. The
solution is to raise the WNBA players to fifty percent as well. 


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