Vandalism parents. For example, while driving the parents

Vandalism is described by Sander, 1981 as the
purposeful damaging, violation, defacement or destruction of public or private
property by person who are not direct owners of the property. Through this
definition it clearly state that anything activities that purposely done in
damaging property is considered to be vandalism. So to sum up my point toward
the cause of vandalism, first vandalism is done by an individual or group of
people that have parents or family’s problems. Research done by LeCroy ,1998 ;
Loeber & StouthamerLoeber,1986 shown that parenting practices and family
relationship have a major impact on their children well-being. According to a
study carried out, revenge vandalism by the person who want to be free and a
troubled family background. Based on quote by Alice Sterling Honig, ‘Family is
the first school for young children and parents are powerful models’. This
means the children will learn either positive or negative things form their
parents. For example, while driving the parents throw the rubbish out from the
car or ignoring the speed limit. This lead some teen trapped in symptoms
vandalism came from family who practice the negative culture or troubled
family. In addition, the lack of control and guidance from parents also the
main factors effect teenagers to stuck in negative symptoms. Nowdays , many
parents busy with their career and do not give enough time with their family.
This will influence their children to feel empty and start find their own
happiness or hobby such as vandalism. An article wrote by Henggeler,1989 said
some characteristics of the parent-child relationship, such as parental empressement,
acceptance and affection, have lead the children to criminal and antisosial
behavior. This means awareness from the parents to their children needs to be
applied to form a healthy and mind of teenagers mature before stepping into


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