United highest position as the only superpower in

States is known as a country which has been the sole global superpower ever
since the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991.1
The superpower is a country with an exceptional capacity for successfully
pursuing its interest around the world.2
Such countries are usually considered as leaders by other countries. The United
States has a Federal Republic government system.3
The United States has become a country that has military, economic, and
political and technological powers. During the World War II and the cold war,
United States was able to dominate the industry, and its influence became
increasingly widespread until it became the centre of world technology after
the outbreak of the cold war between the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc, and
after the Soviet Union as the Eastern Bloc collapsed, United States as the West
Bloc automatically occupied the highest position as the only superpower in the

States Economy system is one of most influencing economy systems in world
economy history. This makes United States as a role model country for the other
countries, especially in economy system and infrastructure fields. The system
of United States economy is an economy structure built by United States well.
One of the evidences of United States economy strength is the presence of
United States dollar which is the largest currency that has become the
benchmark of exchange rates against other currencies in the world. The high
value of United States dollar compared to the value of currencies from other
countries is also one of the things that encourage the strengthening of the US
economic system.

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culture of United States has become a worldwide standard. Ideologically, the
United States is the source and guardian of democratic institutions in the
world. The United States is one of the most powerful military states,
especially after the end of the cold war. The US armed forces alone have spread
throughout the world. In terms of technology, the United States is a country
that has the potential human resources so as to create new discoveries, both
science and advanced technology. In terms of geography, the United States has a
vast territory and a large and potential population compared to other countries
in the world.

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