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Unit 6 AssignmentLashay SimmonsKaplan UnversityIn this assessment handbook I will be covering the policy on the report time and request to leave policy you will also read and know the four functions of control systems . This handbook policy is for new and current employees.Properly request leave1 Plan when to ask: To plan your request for time off from work your boss in your department should know ahead of time to avoid stressful times of the day, week, and month.2 Ask at a good time: Make sure work is under control and very well managed at the time of your request.3 Schedule your time in advance: Having a yearly plan can help ensure that you have utilize your allotted time and integrate vacation into your project planning.Work time reportingEmployees need to submit their time records weekly as directed by their department  managers either online or in hard copy.Time records must show all hours work with projects by department codes and labor code for record keeping purpose.Control FunctionsIntroduction:Why are controls need in this company because if all personnel always did what was best for the company then control are management would not be needed in the first place. In this section I will be explaining the four control functions that will apply in this company to succeed.Spinning out of control: I will be making sure that all employees are doing what needs to be done and not inappropriate things on the job and I will also provide managers with continuous feedback on everything so when plans are not carried out the problem will be fix.Bureaucratic control systems: A performance standard must be met the employees are required a level of expected performance of a given goal. I expect employees to aim at improvement and challenging duties or competions on the job and take skills to heart in setting a performance.Financial control Systems:This type of control system is for the accounting department the sales budget, cost budget, and capital budget must accomplish and on time will dealing with financial issues because this is our main support system in the company to keep it running smoothly. Freed forward control system:As a employee or manager you are to aim for a problem before it arise example will be the manager control by limiting activities in advance on the company to avoid in conflict due to a bad situation.ConclusionI hope all new or current employees enjoy reading this handbook assessment and understanding the four functions of controls systems and policies in this company.


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