Tuberculosis an opportunistic infection, as it takes advantage

Tuberculosis is one of
the dangerous diseases in the world wide. According to the statistic, each year
about 10 million people fell ill with TB, and 1.7 million died from this disease.
At this time, by developing technologies produce new vaccines and drugs to cure
the Tuberculosis. Despite of this, the number of patients increases every year because
disease is transmitted by easy way. In addition to infectiousness, the disease
is an opportunistic infection, as it takes advantage of the weak person and
especially those who have fatal diseases such as HIV and AIDS. It is necessary
to inform people about transmission of Tuberculosis, its symptoms and the way
to scrape and treat this disease.

Tuberculosis of
infectious diseases appeared in ancient centuries. In those days it was called
differently. For example, people call tuberculosis a white plague, but in fact
the word “tuberculosis” is translated from the Latin word as “tubercle”, which
means a change in tissue. Tuberculosis was discovered in ancient Egypt and
China among Egyptian mummies by archaeologists. At the end of the 18th
century in Western Europe, many people suffered from tuberculosis. According to
statistics, there were 900 deaths per 100,000 people(Mandal,2017). In addition,
the celebrities of this world have suffered from this disease. There were poets
John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley, authors Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily
Bronte and other celebrities. In 1882, tubercular bacilli were demonstrated by
the German scientist Robert Koch, so the tuberculosis bacteria were called Koch
bacteria. German scientist Koch made attempts to find the cause of the disease
with tuberculosis. The disease was widespread at that time and was the main
cause of death. He was looking for infected people in the hospital, he took a
small amount of sputum or a few drops of blood from patients with tuberculosis.
On 24th of March in 1882, Robert Koch announced that he was able to
isolate the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. In 1905, Koch was awarded the
Nobel Prize(Robert Koch and tuberculosis,2003).

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tuberculosis is transmitted from person to person with an active form of the
disease. Bacteria are emitted during the sneezing, talking and mostly coughing.
Infections of tuberculosis remain in the air for several hours, and any person
can inhale them. By inhaling bacteria, the human immune system can kill
bacteria. People with good and strong immunity and good health can overcome the
disease. In these cases, the bacteria remain hidden. In active cases, the
bacteria multiply in humans. When a person inhales drops of infection they
enter the lungs of a person through the mouth and nose through the airways.
Drops of tuberculosis occur in the size of 1-5 microns in diameter(Transmission
and pathogenesis of TB,2012). Frequent visits with an infectious person and
physical closeness to the patient are among the main risks. As the immune
system of young children is weak, they have many chances of getting
tuberculosis infections. The number of bacteria in tuberculosis can multiply in
the cell and enter the air through the respiratory organ. By this cyclic manner
the number of people who suffer from tuberculosis is increasing.

Symptoms of this
disease are diverse. Because the symptoms depend on the type of tuberculosis.
Symptoms of tuberculosis can be similar symptoms of other diseases. You just
need to pass a test for TB. The main symptoms of active tuberculosis are
weakness, fatigue and bloody cough. In addition, when a person loses weight
without reason, loses appetite for food, sweats at night and coughs can be
infected by TB. A severe cough that lasts three weeks and a cough with phlegm
and blood is a symptom of pulmonary tuberculosis. One of the most common symptoms
is bone tuberculosis. Symptoms of this type are loss of movement in the bones
and joints. Still the symptoms of a tuberculosis meningitis are obvious. It
lasts 2-8 weeks(Symptoms of TB). A person has vomiting severe headache and convulsions.

Speaking about the
treatment, and how to check TB, to pass a test for tuberculosis, there are
types of tests like skin, blood or X-Ray. With a skin test the doctor does
acupuncture. After 48-72 hours the checked place where they are picked is a
slick red bump, then it means that the patient should take antibiotics for 6-9
months. If a person has latent tuberculosis, he will need a little time to
recover and one kind of medicine. In active form several drugs will be

Many people believe
than tuberculosis is an incurable disease. However, this is myth. Tuberculosis
can be a dangerous disease, but it is treatable. Modern medicine offers the patient
several ways to be cured of tuberculosis. If a person has previous symptoms he
should see a doctor. If he is sick he must be isolated in special hospitals to
be fully cured.  At least, as not to get
infected people must take measures and observe all the rules of hygiene so that
the disease does not reach them.


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