Tsui can more focus on food preparation and

Tsui Wan Restaurant Group is using
Restaurant Management System (RMS) and Kisok System (KS) to achieve their
strategic goal.


The RMS is helping manager to manage the restaurant more effectively
and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory control.
The system processes transaction and stores the resulting data. Reports will be
generated from these data which is helping manager to make appropriate
decisions for the restaurant. The system is providing cross platforms which
enabled flexibility to easily manage individual restaurant or multiple
restaurants from anywhere and anytime.

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The KS is standalone enclosure touchscreen computer that included
ordering, payments, printout to streamline whole ordering operation process and
reduce frontend staff cost. The system is provided a user-friendly interface
for customers use, resulting in faster checkouts, higher sales volume, and
bigger check totals. Additionally, Management can more focus on food preparation
and quality.


The following features are providing by RMS and KS for catering


Order Management:

²  Take orders from anywhere in the restaurant at anytime

²  Easily split items by seat

²  Search and sort menu items with multiple menu views

²  Delete and void items or entire tables

²  Quickly reorder in one tap

²  Warn before closing a bill with unsent items

²  Manage bar tabs, delivery, and take-out orders alongside dine-in

²  Automatically generate a delivery route and ticket for delivery

²  Generate and customize kitchen tickets for sent orders

²  Easily discount per item, per order, or per bill

²  Combine tabs or convert tabs to seated orders instantly

²  Easily transfer tabs to tables when customers want to move around
the restaurant


Plan & Table Management:

²  Lay out restaurant visually with tables, chairs, registers, bar
stools, and walls

²  Add sections, multiple floors, or outdoor areas with ease

²  View the floorplan in both landscape and portrait mode

²  Create a floor plan and import it

²  Assign and/or lock waiters to sections & tables

²  Add or remove seats to a table on the fly

²  Transfer items, seats, or entire tables in seconds

²  Move entire or partial party from one table to another

²  Move order item to another person or table


Mobile Payment & Processing:

²  Split bills and take payments by seat, evenly by a number, or all in
one instantly

²  Take multiple forms of tender for a single bill (e.g. some cash,
some card)

²  Customize the register with payment buttons for instant change with
one tap

²  Eliminate paper costs with digital receipts that can email directly
from the RSM

²  Accept gift cards as a payment option

²  Issue, manage, and track gift cards for customers

²  Accept digital wallet payments (e.g. ApplePay, AndroidPay,
SamsungPay, etc.)

²  Take offline payments (e.g. Octopus)



²  Create and manage multiple menus and menu categories

²  Create, clone, and manage thousands of menu items

²  Create and manage items like packaged food or branded merchandise

²  Create and manage optional and auto-suggest modifiers and side

²  Assign menu items to multiple ticket printer

²  Allow for custom modifiers on the spot so servers can react to
customer asks easily

²  Specify cooking instructions and descriptions for each menu item

²  Set discounts for all or specific menu items

²  Hide menu categories for specific seasonal or time-specific menus

²  Hide out-of-stock menu items

²  Create color-coded menus to highlight or promote sales of specific


Management & Scheduling:

²  Log in or out of the RMS with a PIN or QR code

²  Associate specific wages with each staff member’s roles

²  Assign multiple roles to each individual staff member

²  Add staff discounts for each staff member

²  Set manager override on voids and discounts

²  Restrict certain actions to certain staff types (e.g. payouts, item
deletion, etc.)

²  Lock waiters to sections and tables

²  Adjust valid clock-in and clock-out times for staff shifts



Inventory Management:

²  Varied and detailed ingredient and menu item inventory reports

²  Create and manage a limitless number of ingredients along with the
unit measure, wholesale cost, and retail price for each

²  Mark any menu item out of stock instantly, disabling for all servers
in real time

²  Straightforward inventory reports to identify out-of-stock and
low-stock items

²  Easily report on inventory levels for all menu items to help with
purchase ordering


and Analytics:

²  Detailed Total Sales, Menu Item, Category, Promotion Sales,
Statistical Summary, Payments, Staff Activity, General Accounting reports, etc

²  In-shift snapshot reports personalized to each staff member and
available at any time

²  Comprehensive day-end summary reports generated automatically

²  Export, print, and email all reports for easy access and sharing

²  View reporting data across multiple venues


Relationship Management (CRM):

²  Offer loyalty and gift cards, allow customers to collect and redeem
points, and manage customer data through



²  Take customer payments with branded gift cards or a fully-branded
mobile app

²  Allow customers to collect and redeem points for discounts

²  Track and analyze customers’ behavior to make key business decisions

²  Drive repeat business with targeted customer marketing via SMS or

²  Promote Loyalty program with in-venue signage



²  Simple order steps for patrons

²  Automatic display of priced add-ons or combos

²  Accept credit and debit payment right at the Kiosk

²  Accept cash payment at the register for orders placed at the Kiosk

²  Customizable branding and menu display


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