Trust reason industry freshman are often making mistakes

Trust is a psychological state that exists when you agree to allow yourself susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm to another because you have positive expectations on how things are going to happen. Trust is a main characteristic related with leadership.When trust is broken, it can lead to a critical adverse effects on a group’s performance. Apparently, there’s no one willing to lead people who does not trust you. Trust and trustworthiness modulate the leader’s obtain to knowledge as well as cooperation. Supporters who trust a leader are believe their  their authority and interests will not be misused. Transformational leaders generate support for their concepts in part by arguing that their orientation will be the best interests for everyone. Someone who are dishonest or probably might take advantage from other people,people are less likely to respect or follow to such kind of leader. Thereby, transformational leaders do gain higher levels of trust from their followers, meanwhile it can lead the team confidence and team performance till the optimize.Future job behavior (after college/university) is determined by instituition, college or university behavior over many years, which is different from the job requirements in industry. Due to this reason industry freshman are often making mistakes in communication with other staff members. The “Job Simulation” offers the chance to train certain circumstances and to perceive in the discussion with the other group members which behavior is favorable, and which not. It means the amount of beginner mistakes can be reduced and the effect on future job behavior is leading to more successful situations. As a person who take part of the “Job Simulation” also undergo the comments of organizational leaders on their own behavior they also learn to know the value of mentors for the later job performance. They start to consider the leaders not as “boss”, but as mentor.


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