Transformation an accelerated pace everywhere in the world

Transformation of business processes is taking place at an accelerated pace everywhere in the world including in India. E Commerce platforms have disrupted the scale and reach of almost all businesses. With globalization of business, the success and failure of marketing campaigns is undeniably a powerful factor in the success or failure of modern companies.  I saw the reality of this while working with Zomato, an online startup that promotes awareness of restaurants. The daily increase of clients (i.e. restaurants signing up with Zomato) is directly related to the number of ‘hits’ or people viewing the Zomato reviews of restaurants.  In the growth of the organization,   I saw the importance of marketing and its role in getting ‘sales’. Technology is adding to the opportunity as well as to the challenge of adopting new marketing strategies to reach more people beyond physical and national borders. This motivates me to pursue the Masters in Marketing at your school. An understanding of the more universal aspects of marketing will equip me to work as a professional in any company, which aspires to be a part of the global supply-chain. During the Bachelor’s program in Management Studies, I took up courses like Business Communication, Business Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behaviour and Fundamentals of Marketing and Business Statistics. These subjects helped me gain a strong understanding of the theoretical aspects that underline business processes. Internships and projects helped me see the current marketing activities of business organizations. A research assignment on FMCG companies gave me insights into the way marketing is playing a key role in reaching targets.  During an internship with 3 HD media, I helped in data analysis and developed communication content that went out to a diverse audience across the world.  This inculcated a cross cultural sensitization which is essential today. I am currently working at Eximp Consultancy Services wherein I am currently doing tasks like filing of applications with Ministry of Commerce & Industry, NewDelhi, through compilation and tabulation of financial, production & export details. Currently I am working on a new project on Dematerialization of Shares Certificate. Through each assignment, in college and in the business world, I have seen that Marketing is linked to sales, making it a fast growing discipline enclosing a wide area of activities within any business. Your masters program will help me acquire critical knowledge which could be applied to any workplace. Your program will refine my marketing skills, giving me the competence to be more innovative and effective in the real world. The international exposure will assist me to adapt to highly complex and changing environments. The experiences at Hult University will give me an opportunity to network closely with global peers, sharing ideas and discussing their views.  The education will prepare me for a future where I see myself as leading the marketing team for a reputed company. Therefore, I consider your master’s program to be a very important step in my overall progress to a rewarding, productive and fulfilling career path.


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