TOPIC: security. 4 Environmental Protection and MPAs. 4

TOPIC: “The true picture s? far is that the c?astal states ?f the Mediterranean
Sea have not, for various reasons, claimed exclusive economic zones (EEZs) with
a few exceptions, s? it is still c?nsidered an area of high seas.

By making reference t? UNCL?S III (1982) and the Barcel?na Regi?nal
C?nvention (1976), y?u sh?uld describe and analyze the current situati?n in the
Mediterranean Sea with respect t? the c?ncept ?f the EEZ and h?w this will
affect internati?nal shipping in the near future.”

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SUBJECT: Maritime P?licy




Abstract. 2
Introduction. 2
Literature Review.. 3
EEZ Concept. 3
Safety of navigation & vessel source pollution. 3
Fisheries. 4
Maritime surveillance and
security. 4
Environmental Protection
and MPAs. 4
Military Activities. 5
Marine Scientific
research. 5
Political Issues. 6
Methodology. 6
Data Analysis. 7
Bibliography. 7
















this c?ursework, I’m discussing the EEZ c?ncept in the Mediterranean Sea and
what c?nsequences will appear in Internati?nal Shipping. Mainly, I have
answered tw? basic questi?ns about the respect ?f this c?ncept and h?w it
affects the Gl?bal Shipping in the near future. I begin with analysing the EEZ
c?ncept and I c?ntinued with the effects that Shipping has c?mpared with Safety
of Navigati?n and Vessel Polluti?n, Fisheries, Maritime Surveillance and
Security, Environmental Protection and MPAs, Military Activities, Marine
Scientific Research and P?litical Issues. Afterwards I explained the method?logy
of the c?ursework, I expressed my ?pinion in data analysis and then I c?nclude.





the start ?f the c?ncept ?f the EEZ in the Mediterranean Sea many regulati?ns
have t? be changed f?r the existence ?f this c?ncept. The changes that will
happen, will cause significant impact in Internati?nal Shipping f?r a l?t of
fact?rs. S?me ?f the impacts are p?sitive f?r Gl?bal Shipping but als?, they
are and negative ?nes. C?ntinuing in the c?ursework I analyse the c?ncept ?f EEZ,
what changes have t? be d?ne and what impact the changes will have in
Internati?nal Shipping.

Literature Review


EEZ Concept


Acc?rding t? the
c?ncept ?f EEZ in this particular situati?n in the Mediterranean Sea the
pipeline debate is another c?ntenti?n ?ver the rights t? particular gas h?lds
in the Mediterranean. The debate has up t? this p?int c?ncentrated ?n the legitimate
meaning ?f alleged exclusive ec?nomic z?nes (EEZs). EEZs are sea regi?ns inside
which states guarantee certain rights, including the elite rights t? abuse
mineral assets, f?r example, ?il and gas underneath the sea depths. These z?nes
reach ?ut-ward fr?m a nati?n’s mainland rack, ?rdinarily 12 miles fr?m the
c?astline, ?ut t? a specific range, n?rmally 200 miles fr?m the drift. They are
characterized in articles 55– 75 of the UN C?nvention ?n the Law ?f the Sea
(UNCL?S), which went int? drive in 1994.18 Albeit neither Israel n?r Turkey has
c?nsented t? this arrangement, such z?nes are imm?vably settled in universal
standard law.19 This implies the UNCL?S arrangements with respect to EEZs still
viably apply t? these states

the techniques f?r deciding the limits of EEZs are a l?ng way fr?m c?nsummate.
M?st EEZs are characterized in tw? distinctive ways: 1) nati?nal enactment ?r
g?vernment declarati?n, and 2) tw?-sided c?ncurrences with different nati?ns.
States regularly st?re arrangements ?f the directions ?f these z?nes with the
Assembled C?untries t? build up a rec?rd of their cases. T? decide the limits
between the EEZs ?f adj?ining and cl?se-by nati?ns, there are vari?us
specialized rule that can be utilized, with ?bjective, l?gical s?unding names
as “equidistance,” “value,” and “pr?portionality.”
Be that as it may, practically speaking, these are regularly hard to apply.
This is especially the case in encased ?ceans, for example, the Mediterranean,
wh?se territ?ry is small t? the p?int that 200-mile z?nes fr?m the banks ?f any
of the mainland states w?uld c?ver with the z?nes of nati?ns ?n the ?pposite
side of the ocean. (Stocker)


of navigation & vessel source pollution


T? begin with the Safety ?f navigation and
vessel s?urce c?ntamination has exceptionally huge effect. Firstly, the EU Blue
Devel?pment Procedure intends for making maintainable financial devel?pment and
work in the marine and sea ec?nomy to help Europe’s monetary recuperation.
These relevant monetary areas grantseveral?ccupations to 5.4 million
individuals and c?ntribute an aggregate gross esteem included of around 500
billion euros. During 2020, these should raise to 7 million and about 600
billion euros separately. It features the five territories with the best
p?tential for devel?pment: blue vitality, aquaculture, sea, seaside and journey
t?urism, marine mineral assets and blue bi?techn?l?gy. (Maritime zones in the Mediterranean Sea)




?n the ?ther hand, fisheries under
w?rldwide law the f?undati?n ?f an EEZ ?r significant sub?rdinate z?ne emp?wers
a seaside State t? receive and auth?rize rules identifying with administrati?n measures
and directing access t? fisheries by third nati?n vessels inside such a z?ne. (Maritime zones in the Mediterranean Sea)


Maritime surveillance and


Additi?nally, in terms rec?nnaissance and
security, the effects ?f building up an EEZ ?r sub?rdinate z?ne w?uld n?t be
huge given that the expanded privileges ?f a waterfr?nt State w?uld relate just
t? the activity ?f the s?vereign privileges of the seaside State which relate
basically t? m?netary exercises (specifically angling) and ec?logical assurance.
Different parts ?f rec?nnaissance and security, f?r example, fear based
?ppression and carrying, w?uld n?t be affected by the foundati?n ?f an EEZ ?r
important sub?rdinate z?ne. (Maritime zones in the Mediterranean Sea)


Environmental Protection and MPAs


Equally, the f?undation ?f an EEZ ?r
pertinent sub?rdinate z?ne w?uld have a p?ssibly huge effect with respect t?
ec?logical insurance and the f?undation of MPAs. M?reover, it w?uld emp?wer a
beach fr?nt State t? receive and auth?rize natural security rules (?ther than
as respects the wellbeing of r?ute and vessel s?urce c?ntamination) and t? set
up MPAs and t? embrace and uph?ld rules identifying with such MPAs, despite the
fact that on acc?unt ?f EU Part States rules identifying with fisheries as far
as MPAs w?uld be made at the EU level. Equally, the effect ?f building up EEZs
?r applicable sub?rdinate z?nes is extended the spatial extent ?f EU ec?logical
security enactment pr?mpting an enhanced level ?f natural assurance f?r the
Mediterranean th?ugh expanded usage and implementati?n costs. The appr?ach of
EEZ diminished the high ?ceans territory h?wever the administrati?n influencing
the surface is left unaltered by UNCL?S. Real pressure in delivery w?rld is
between beach fr?nt ?r p?rt states fr?m ?ne perspective and banner states ?n
the other, especially as respects c?ntamination, as in measures supp?rted by
waterfront states t? limit the danger ?f contamination t? their c?astlines may
well have antagonistic financial ?utcomes f?r transportation. ?ne pr?position
in the eastern Mediterranean ?cean and especially in Greek waters depends ?n
the f?rmation ?f a system ?f marine assurance z?nes, i.e. in the s?uth I?nian
?cean where it is supp?rted by reas?ns ?f the marine st?p ?f Zakynth?s and the
adj?ining bank ?f west Pel?ponnese. This pr?posed MPA c?uld fill in as a reas?n
f?r making a system ?f adaptable and g?al MPAs in Greek ?ceans that are
reliable with universal law and are n?t situated ?n w?rldwide transportati?n c?urses
(Alexopoulos, 2013). It appears that MPAs are the main and straightf?rward
strategies f?r planning and implementing security z?nes that may make less
resistance by states with vari?us interests and the transp?rtation business
gave that they d?n’t force b?undaries to gl?bal r?ute. Particularly in the
Mediterranean ?cean they firmly identified with SPAMI and generally d?n’t c?ver
substantial territ?ries ?f waters past nati?nal purview. (Maritime zones in the Mediterranean Sea)








Military Activities


Furthermore, military activities, in spite
?f the fact that it isdubi?us that the f?undati?n?fan EEZ ?r applicable
subsidiary z?ne w?uld have critical direct effects as far as the h?lding ?f
military activities by third nati?ns, the privileges ?f third c?untries t?
attempt military activities inside such a z?ne in train such nati?ns might be
disc?uraged fr?m s? d?ing if MPAs have been built up there. (Maritime zones in the Mediterranean Sea)



Marine Scientific research


Last but not least the Marine Scientific
research has a significant impact. The f?undation ?f an EEZ ?r important
sub?rdinate z?ne w?uld have a p?ssibly huge effect ?n sea life l?gical research
in the Mediterranean because ?f the need t? acquire the earlier assent ?f the
beach fr?nt State. Even th?ugh such assent ?ught t?, ?n a basic level must be
imminent training p?stp?nements and an expanded level ?f vulnerability will
pr?bably c?ntrarily affect examine in th?se particular parts ?f the
Mediterranean that are right n?w subject t? the administrati?n ?f the high ?ceans. (Maritime zones in the Mediterranean Sea)








Political Issues


Furtherm?re, as
far as p?litical issues there are numer?us c?nceivable ?utcomes f?r b?th clash
and participati?n in the area, c?ntending that the advancement ?f the circumstance
will reflect h?w nati?ns adjust their financial advantages with the t?uchy p?litical
issues that are irritating the locales between state relati?ns. It initially
inspects what can be viewed as the tw? fundamental vitality clashes in the
district, f?r instance a c?ntention ?ver the fringes ?f purp?rted
“exclusive ec?nomic z?nes” ?f Cyprus, Turkey, Leban?n, Israel, Egypt
and a rising Palestinian state. Likewise, it at that p?int investigates the key
premiums ?f each ?f the perf?rming artists ?n the l?cale and h?w these are pr?bably
g?ing t? impact their strategies. Similarly, it will pl?t c?nceivable systems
f?r settling these c?ntentions, c?ntending that ?utside g? between are pr?bably
g?ing t? be basic if m?di vivendi are t? be f?und. Finally, the fate ?f the
district’s pipeline framew?rk t? exchange gase?us petr?l, especially am?ngst
Egypt and Israel. (Stocker)





The main s?urces
of data that I used is sec?ndary data f?r the reason that my s?urces are
articles f?und ?n the internet. The meth?dology that I used f?r this c?ursework
is called the PESTEL analysis. PESTEL is a vital investigative device used t?
survey ?uter fact?rs influencing businesses. PESTEL acr?nym remains f?r
political, ec?nomic, s?cial, techn?logical, ec?logical and legitimate elements
affecting ?rganizations. PESTEL has as ?f late advanced fr?m Nuisance
examination ?nce heightening p?wers ?f gl?balization and escalating p?wers ?f rivalry
in the c?mmercial centre c?mbined with ?ther arrangement ?f elements expanded
the significance and p?tential effect ?f natural and legal fact?rs ?n ?rganizations.
I analysed p?litical c?ntent in the paragraph with title p?litical issues, ec?nomic
in Safety ?f navigation and vessel s?urce p?llution, techn?logical in Marine
Scientific research and ec?logical in Envir?nmental Pr?tection and MPAs. (research methodology)






Data Analysis


 My pers?nal ?pinion is that the EEZ c?ncept in
the Mediterranean has advantages and als? disadvantages. The first advantage,
in case ?f safety of navigati?n and vessel s?urce p?llution many pe?ple will be
hired that they will ?ccupy with marine and maritime ec?nomy. This is g?ing t? be
very helpful f?r the EU ec?nomy recovery. Als? f?r the envir?nmental pr?tection
and MPAs there is a p?sitive impact for the reas?n that increases the
pr?tection ?f the envir?nment ?f the Mediterranean Sea. ?n the ?ther hand, there
are disadvantages such as difficulties with fisheries as l?ng as there will be
changes ab?ut rules f?r third c?untry vessels. Lastly, in part ?f p?litical
issues there have t? ass?rt their z?nes.

T? c?nclude,
after my research my estimati?n is that the c?ncept of the EEZ will bring m?re
pr?blems and d?es n?t pr?vide the c?rrect specificati?ns to pr?perly implement
certain situati?ns.




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Mediterranean Sea. (n.d.).
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