Topic: do this we need to live sustainably.

Topic: Sustainable



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What do governments do to promote sustainable living?


Natural resources are things that won’t last forever and we
need to preserve it. To do this we need to live sustainably. Living sustainably
means to reduce a person’s or community’s use of personal resources and natural
resources. People who practice living sustainably often attempt to erase their
carbon footprint by balancing their use of transportation, diet and energy
consumption. Children all over the world are introduced to the three R’s which
are Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. This gives them a start in living, a sustainable



United States:

In places like America the main cause of unsustainability is
industrialization. Governments in US have a variety of methods, supplies,
instructions and organizations that support sustainable living. U.S has many
different facilities working to build the sustainability of the country and one
of them is called Fed Center. It is a federal facility that helps run a program
called Sustainable Area Program. This is a program that provide Federal
Facilities with the latest guidance to perpetuate Federal Leadership in
sustainable living and greenhouse gas emissions. They also help by having conferences
with civil engineers, urban architects, policy makers, technology experts and
related professionals will exhibit their ideas on how to make the country/city
sustainable. This is how governments in U.S promote sustainability.



In Japan, the population is tremendously increasing as
urbanization is seen conventionally in developing nations like Asia and Africa.
As a solution to this the Japanese Government started an initiative called
“FutureCity”. It is an initiative that was launched in 2011 and now it’s the
seventh year. It has shown tremendous decreases of the pollution levels in
Japan. It is being advertised by the national government’s Cabinet Office. 11
cities in Japan as of now have been declared “FutureCities”. Japan is known for
already facing the problems that countries that will face in the future, one
problem they’re facing now is the decrease in birthrate and the increase of
aging population. It’s been reported that by 2050 40% of Japan’s population
will compromise of seniors over the age of 65. To prevent this the ‘FutureCity’
Initiative executive authorities will not only give advice to FCI cities but
also establish a system to spread awareness about coordinated financing,
deregulation and various reforms. Selected cities are expected to associate and
collaborate with appropriate corporations, citizens, universities and local
governments. The ‘FutureCities’ also help raise sustainability awareness in
other cities around Japan.


UK: The businesses in UK rely on global trade and natural
resources. Nevertheless, elements like climate change and rapidly growing population
states that there is an increase of the pressure on natural resources, energy
and the wider environment. To reduce the impact on the environment and businesses
in UK the governments have taken some action. They have funded the Waste and
Resources Action Programme (WRAP), they give guidance and assist businesses on
how to use water and natural resources effectively moreover, using the government’s
earnings to help businesses that manufacture sustainable products and
facilities. To inform businesses about the amount of impact the consumption of
too much natural resources can have on the environment and provide appropriate
tools to help them sustain natural resources. These are some ways in which the
government of UK promotes sustainable living. UK has mostly focused on
promoting sustainable living within the businesses because the businesses help
raise the country’s economy and keep the country environmentally friendly.


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