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In the following report you will find information on UCSF Hospital, including a little history on how the project of a teaching medical hospital came about, the mission and vision of UCSF Medical Center, as well as some of the nuts and bolts of what UCSF Medical Center provides. Personally UCSF Hospital and physicians saved my life when I was born so I remain grateful the need was there to create such an amazing facility. UCSF Hospital is a top 100 hospital and has been for at least the last ten years. According to U. S.

News & World Report, “UCSF Medical Center ranks among the nation’s top 10 premier hospitals for the 10th consecutive year and is the best in Northern California, according to the 2010-11 America’s Best Hospitals survey conducted by U. S. News & World Report. UCSF was named the seventh best hospital in the country, earning a spot on the survey’s “honor roll. ” Of the 4,852 medical centers evaluated by U. S. News this year, only 14 earned honor roll status, demonstrating excellence and breadth of expertise by ranking at or near the top in at least six specialties.

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” (Rush-Monroe, 2010) UCSF has ranked at the top in California and in the Nation for medical specialties multiple times over. “UCSF Medical Center is recognized throughout the world as a leading academic medical center that provides innovative treatments, uses advanced technology, fosters collaboration among clinicians and scientists, and employs a highly compassionate team of doctors, nurses and staff. ” (Rush-Monroe, 2010) How it all began is in 1902 an appeal was made for public support of a teaching hospital in California.

This appeal was made by University of California San Francisco President Benjamin Wheeler. He wanted to build a hospital for UCSF to fulfill a need for the area of hospital beds and “provide for the education of those to whom the health of the community must in future years be entrusted. ” Then in 1906 the earthquake and fire happened in San Francisco and the need intensified. It was then that some of the departments in the University were moved to different locations which provided space and the birth of UCSF Medical School.

“The medical faculty committee hired architect Bernard Maybeck to design the hospital. ” (Rockafellar, 2010) “Maybeck’s plan for a teaching hospital at Parnassus proposed an elaborate facility with separate buildings for the training school for nurses to include classrooms and dormitories, a main administration building, a surgical and laboratory building, in addition to six two-story ward buildings designed hold 240 beds.

” (Rockafellar, 2010) Today UCSF mission, vision, and values continue to be what they “live by”: “The mission, vision and values of UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital convey the reasons we exist as an organization, what we aspire to as an organization and the way we will work to get there. They are a unifying force that links all of us together. Mission Our mission — the reason we exist — is Caring, Healing, Teaching and Discovering. Vision Our vision — what we want to be — is to be the best provider of health care services, the best place to work and the best environment for teaching and research.

Values Our values statement — our guide to the individual and organizational behavior we expect — is embodied in the acronym PRIDE: P for Professionalism, how we conduct ourselves and our business R for Respect for our patients, families, ourselves and each other I for Integrity, always doing the honest, right thing D for Diversity, understanding and embracing the diverse beliefs, needs and expectations of our patients, community and employees E for Excellence, what we strive for in everything we do” (Our Mission/UCSF Medical Center, copyright 2002-2010).

The hospital offers multiple sites of services; Medical Center @ Parnassus Ave, China Basin Landing Bldg. , Mount Zion, (UCSF Careers, 2010) UCSF Medical Center has a total number of beds of 560. Has changed ownership 2 times, first time Nov. 1997 and second time Apr. 2000. The hospital accreditation was effective Nov 1986 by JCAHO (the same site states the expiration date is Nov. 1989). UCSF has an awesome array of physicians and specialists.

These members of the staff and types of doctors include 10 dieticians, 66 inhalation therapists, 110 licensed practical/vocational urses, occupational therapists, 17 physical therapists, along with personnel with medical school affiliation and 1890 other fulltime employees. Current job opportunities include: assistant director in patient care services administration; Epic project manager in electronic health record roll-out team; mechanical circulatory support specialist, Hemo-perfusion services; practice manager in China Basin- nuclear medicine; Outpatient physical therapy manager in SOM Physical therapy-Prof Practice; as well as Temporary positions available @ Various UCSF locations.

Salary for the Medical Center is based on experience, education, and seniority. There is a link dedicated @ this web site to help configure what the range would be depending on variables. This can be found: http://ucsfhr. ucsf. edu/index. php/staffing/tpp_tiers? tier=1 Benefits are dependent on job position and with some positions benefits are accrued with hours worked. UCSF Medical Center also offers patient education on their web site from abortion to Women’s’ health, as well as being rated high for providing education for the multitudes of patients discharged from the hospital care.

In addition to patient education UCSF is also very involved with the communities it calls home. UCSF conducts research, lectures, programs for general public, and prioritizes community outreach. “UCSF is devoted to public service and is very much a part of the San Francisco and Bay Area communities. Through its patient care and research, reliance on neighborhood businesses, campus activities — including lectures and programs for the general public — and outreach efforts, UCSF’s reach and impact stretch far into the community. Community outreach is a priority at UCSF.

Some key efforts in need of funding are: Center for Health and Community, Community Clinics, Institute for Global Health, ; Osher Center for Integrative Medicine” (Support for Community, 2010) The state contributes less than 13 percent of UCSF’s operating budget; UCSF also rely on corporation partnerships; UCSF receive donations from outside foundations to help support research, education, and new additions (facilities and programs) to UCSF. “UCSF Medical Center’s net income is used to support the academic mission of the University of California.

These funds are reinvested to ensure that our clinical facilities are patient and family centered and to support the medical center’s quality, safety and patient satisfaction priorities. ” (Annual Report, 2009) UCSF Medical Center, in regards to insurance, joined a new healthcare network January 2010. UCSF Medical Center is now part of Hill Physician network. UCSF accepts insurances from Aetna to USAccess Aetna; there is access on UCSF Medical Center’s web site for their patients and providers that show which insurances are accepted.

This link is: http://www. ucsfhealth. org/adult/patient_guide/health_insurance. html In closing with all that UCSF provides both to patients and employees, it is hard not to put this hospital in the top 100 Hospitals. There patient care is outstanding and rates above the national average of contentment as well as patients recommending to others to utilize the hospital and all of its services. Works Cited (2009). Annual Report. San Francisco: UCSF. Hospital-Data. com. (n. d. ). UCSF Medical Center- San Francisco, CA.

Retrieved July 30, 2010, from Hospitl-Data. com Hospital and Nursing Home Profiles: http://www. hospital-data. com/hospitals/UCSF-MEDICAL-CENTER-SAN-FRANCISCO. html Our Mission/UCSF Medical Center. (copyright 2002-2010). Retrieved July 24, 2010, from UCSF Medical Center: http://www. ucsfhealth. org/adult/about/mission. html Patient Education. (n. d. ). Retrieved July 30, 2010, from UCSF Medical Center: http://www. ucsfhealth. org/adult/edu/w. html Rockafellar, N. (2010). Special Topics; The Development of the UCSF Medical Center.

Retrieved 07 30, 2010, from The Development of the UCSF Medical Center: http://history. library. ucsf. edu/medical_center. html Rush-Monroe, K. (2010, July 15). News. Retrieved July 23, 2010, from ucsfhealth. org: http://www. ucsfhealth. org/adult/health_library/news/2010/07/128221. html Support for Community. (2010). Retrieved July 24, 2010, from UCSF Foundation: http://www. ucsf. edu/support/community/ UCSF Careers. (2010). Retrieved July 24, 2010, from UCSF Human Resource: http://www. ucsfhr. ucsf. edu/careers/.


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