Today, the matrix is a shared simulation of

Today, we
are living in the era of 21st century where machines and technology
has control over everything. Our basic routine comprises of dealing with
high-technological and advanced machinery, as our lives are incomplete without
it. A machine portraying intelligence in disparity to the natural intelligence possessed
by the humans is thus referred as artificial intelligence.

The real
definition of artificial intelligence is depicted in the most popular science
fiction movie of 1990’s “The Matrix”. It created a revolutionary change in the
perspective of the human nature and made us believe that machines can be
designed to depict intelligence that is only given to us by God.

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brothers hit ‘The Matrix’ is a story of a man named Thomas Anderson who is living
two different lives. Thomas is a programmer by day and a hacker named Neo by
night. Neo believes that there is something wrong with the world he is living
in. He is confused and mystified with the phrase” The Matrix”. In order to know
the reality and the meaning behind this phrase Neo meets Morpheus. Later, Neo
discovers that the matrix is a shared simulation of the world in which the
minds of the harvested humans are trapped.

The moral or
the lesson that we obtain from the film is that the humans became highly dependent
on AI robots by the passage of time. The machines eventually retaliated against
their own creators. Human’s burn out the sky to prevent sunlight from entering
and thus depriving the machines from the solar energy. However, the machines find
a way to compensate this by using humans as their new source of energy
connecting the humans to a simulation program where they are being deceived
into believing that the world was normal.

accordance to the objection “heads in the sand”1 written in the Turing paper,
we see that provided the machines with power and authority is a harmful
approach as they misused it and retaliated it against its own creators. Thus,
the objection proved to be correct.

the “theological “objection2 which restricts thinking to humans is proved
wrong as in the film we see that machines are controlling the birth of the
humans as well as the activities carried by their brain.



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