Today, learn more. Although, While working on projects


Today, every organization or institute around the globe is overloaded with data irrespective of their nature of work.  The Major concern of these organizations is how to store this data securely and efficiently. Managing data is one task but keeping useful data and extracting information from data is another challenging task. To extract information from data, keeping this information safe and easily accessible organizations are spending billions of dollar. While working, I have experienced how data security is important for an MNC and how efficient extraction of information when required plays crucial role client satisfaction and appreciation. Overcoming the challenges faced during work and continuous improvement in the existing process has given me confidence. This has intrigued to apply for the Master of Science in Computer Science for Fall 2018 in Bishop University and learn more. Although, While working on projects during my academic and professional life I have gained the knowledge about various aspects of application development and deployment, but my objective is to learn the more practical and efficient artistry in data management and to maximize the benefits from my skills.


During my schooling, the computer has been given more emphasis than any other subject. Apart from participating in quiz and competitions, I started learning C and C++. While working in practical labs I got amazed by the power of computers and has provoked me to carry deepen my knowledge in the field of computers. I decided to opt computer science and engineering to carry forward my zeal towards computer during under-graduation.  During bachelors’ degree, I acquired skills in programming language HTML, C++, JAVA, and SQL. I have acquired the concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP’s), Database Management System(DBMS), Computer Network, Computer Architecture and Algorithm Design and Analysis (ADA).  Besides theoretical knowledge, I inferred the real-time experiences during practical sessions and accomplishing project work as a part of my program. I also held the responsibility of class representative for one year, holding and accomplishing the task of being a bridge between lecturers and students to minimize the communication gap and organizing query resolution sessions.

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 I have developed my share of interest towards extra-curricular activities as it teaches one how to work in a team and enhances personal their abilities. It has also given me the opportunity to lead a team on different platforms. I and my team participated in technical participated at various technical fest which held in not only my college but also at APOOGE 2012 International Technical festival at BITS PILANI, TRIPSTER 2012 at JAMIA MILIYA ISLAMIA and RENAISSANCE 2013 held at Delhi Technical University. My activate participation in extra-curricular activities has never impacted my grades. Though my practical grades were always superlative than theory grades.




I started my professional journey with Computer Science Corporation. Working in an MNC has always given a lot of opportunities for learning and exploring various avenues in IT sector. Apart from handling technical responsibilities, it helps in getting better culture and academic insight while working with colleagues coming from the different background. Working in MNC involves following of work ethics and code of conduct. Even though I will be completing my 4th year in IT industry by Fall 2018, I believe I have acquired a good blend of technology, management and ethics. Having said that, I believe one learns something or the other all their lives.

Learning is a journey to evolve personally and professionally. This program would certainly help me in exploring new ideas and putting my creativity into effect. This course will open the door which I believe is otherwise not easily accessible. With the brilliant minds around from all across the world, I am sure it would help me develop a global and holistic perspective on problem-solving. I shall be grateful to you if I’m accorded the opportunity to pursue my studies here, and I will do my best to justify your faith in me. Though my foremost concern will be education (including practical implementation), but I would also like to contribute towards the varied aspects of university life like participating and organizing cultural and technical festivals. I would also like to share my experience gained in IT industry with peers and learn from their experience. I will continue with this zeal during the program and will do my best to justify your faith in me.

Courses like Advance Software Engineering, Database Management System, Distributed query processing, Information Retrieval Systems, Emerging Non-traditional database systems along with course like advance software engineering, Advance Algorithms and Internet Applications and Distributed Systems  makes this complete, diverse and data centric. Small class size, number of clubs and associations provide friendly and supportive learning environment are the key features of Windsor University.


I sincerely thank the Admission Committee for providing me with the opportunity to express myself.


I'm Harold!

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