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To: [email protected]: [email protected]: Assignment#1 CCDP 2100XDear Professor Lundy,My name is Mohieddin Shakhsheer, and I am a second-year communications engineering student. The purpose of this email is to introduce myself to you, and to fulfil the requirements of the first assignment. Engineering has been tough so far, but I am constantly striving to meet the challenge. Through this email, I would like to demonstrate that I have understood the information in the course outline and the term assignment package, and that I understand the expectations associated with taking CCDP 2100. As students in this course, it is expected of us that we behave professionally both in class and when it comes to assigned work, especially with team members and other peers. This course mainly revolves around working in a team and learning to communicate effectively. It is also mandatory to attend all the classes from start to finish. Finally, all assignments must be submitted on time. Although my experience of working in a group is limited to the ECOR 1010 final project, I believe that with time I can further develop my group working skills; indeed, this is one of my central learning goals for this course. With regards to my strengths, I am conscientious and aim to complete all assignments well and on time. I also believe that my communication skills are an advantage that will benefit me during this course.I have taken courses, both at high school and during the first year of my Engineering degree, that I believe have prepared me well for the tasks described in the course outline. I completed my entire pre-university education in English, and I therefore have a solid grasp of the English language. This is important for CCDP 2100 as the overall aim of this course is to communicate technical engineering ideas and information in a way that can be understood by a general audience. Furthermore, the courses I took in the first year of Engineering have equipped me with a solid grasp of fundamental engineering principles that will be necessary to understand and communicate the technical concepts central to my group’s project topic.Based on the requirements of this course I think that I need to develop some strengths like working in a team and I personally do not have any experience presenting to a class so that will be interesting for me. However, one of my aims in this course is to learn and get better at communicating and working with other people to gain that experience.Regards,Mohieddin Shakhsheer101054663


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