To to transmit and exchange of the healthcare

To resolve all these issues FHIR was developed.
It is an open source REST based interface which is easy to use and has a better
http layer security. It supports an event-based messaging system and
incorporates the best of HL7 standard. FHIR is a strongly defined model, which
provides easily customizable solution and supports other services.

To solve the problem of complex message structure
and achieve the interoperability, medical technologists created HL7-v3. But
adopting HL7-v3 was very expensive because it was not backwards compatible and
had some inheritance issues.

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EHRs and different hospitals use their own sets
of defined code. In such cases, it was hard to transmit and exchange of the healthcare
data between different systems. It supports many common user-friendly interfaces.
HL7-version2 is a framework which helps to cuts the implementation costs for

Healthcare data resides in different distributed environment
and different systems like central patient care and departmental
systems. HL7 -v2
was implemented standard to solve the needs of interexchange of real-world
clinical data between those system. It was developed by clinical interface
specialist. HL7- Version2 is backwards compatible.

HL7 v1 and v2 are fundamentally improvements of
the ASTM E1238 and UCSF protocol standards for the sharing of clinical data.HL7
v1 was primary used for a proof of concept. HL7-version1 was partial draft standard defined electronic healthcare data exchange in different
healthcare systems.

HL7 is a framework which was introduced to
transmit, share and retrieve large volumes of pre-defined healthcare-related
information data to be shared across multiple systems.

In early 1960-70’s, Clinical support and medical
information systems were evolved. This was specifically for clinical services.
In 1985 Simborg Systems decided to have non-registered OSI Level 7 healthcare


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