To that they can accomplished in the timeframe

To condense the above, it is critical
that the project manager sets goals and objectives that have clear statements
of purpose. Each with its own purpose that drives the end result of the project
(Smartsheet, 2018).

When project managers design goals, they
should keep in mind how likely it is that they can accomplished in the
timeframe allocated. Can this goal be achieved in the timeframe indicated? If
not, break down the goal into smaller pieces and write a goal statement for the
first step. If they couldn’t make this goal happen in the timeframe indicated,
what changes need to made to accomplish it?

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It has already been stated that goals
have to be feasibly timed to be acceptable and follow the SMARTRWS1  paradigm. Most goals fail because we
haven’t indicated the timeframe in which we want to have them accomplished. To
prevent this from happening goals need to have an overall deadline for
completion, well indicated milestones or smaller mini deadlines for
contributing activities (Project Smart b, 2018).

An example of a SMART goal could be to
set a number of metrics to track the success of a new system by a specific
date. Reports for the metrics should come in at a specified date on a frequent
basis. Feedback on what is considered successful and areas of improvement
should be established on a continuous basis as well. Any team members who are
part of these tasks should have them specifically assigned to them so everyone
involved is clear on what they have to do (feedback, report management etc.) A
final checklist should be compiled with all due dates listed and criteria for

It is important that team members clearly
understand what goals they are working towards achieving, this can sometimes be
challenging. Proper use of visual tools and communication with the team will
help alleviate this difficulty. If people know what they are working towards
and what product they need to produce in a timeframe, it allows them to be more
efficient and gives a greater change of a high quality product rather than poor
quality and delays due to the goal not being reached.




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