Title: be howlingAttitude: The speaker is sad because

Title:  We are stepping on nature’s toes because we take up so much space and resources.Paraphrase: We harvest and use up all the resources on our planet.Most of the things in nature we have no claim to, but we use them anyways.Humans have given away our connection to nature which was foolish thing to get rid of.We have become unharmonized  with nature because its beauty doesn’t make us feel as good as it used to.I would join a religion long ago discarded, so that I could see more of the beauty of nature. When standing in a meadow I picture when nature was more respected like it was by the Greeks, and others.Connotation:Form: Petrarchan Sonnet    Octave- Stating a question                                          Sestet- Answers the questionDiction: All the words have a heavy, dark feeling to to them which Wordsworth uses to set a forlorn mood.Sordid- meanly selfish.Pagan- used like a insult in a christian dominated world. Meant someone who had other spiritual beliefs other then christian.Creed- darker way to say a group which similar share beliefs.Forlorn- a heavier way of saying sad.Point of View: First person; William Wordsworth says his opinions in the poem and empowers them. It poem starts with him talking about everyone including himself and then narrowing to just about him.Allusions: All three allusions are deities; one being  the Christian God, and the other two being Greek sea gods.Proteas- A Greek sea god. He was able to transform into any animal of the sea.Triton- A Greek sea god. Son of Poseidon. He had a horn which he used to calm or raise the waves. God- The single all powerful deity in Christianity.Symbolism: The sea, winds, leaves, and lea represent nature.Personification: The sea bares her bosomThe wind that will be howlingAttitude: The speaker is sad because we as a race are now unable to see the beauty in nature and he wishes for things to go back to be like it was when we respected nature and held it as deities.Shifts: The first 8 lines are an octave presenting an issue while the last 6 lines, a sestet are anwsering it. Changes point of view at line 9 from we to I.Title: The beauty of nature has been lost because we can access images of of its wonder on the internet, which makes the unique seem common. Also through science we have found the reasons for why and how things occur in nature which takes away the mysterious beauty of it.Theme: Humanity has lost its respect for nature which is gravely bad.


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