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Throughout the years design has taken many different pathways, with one of them beingDadaism. Dadaism was an art (or anti-art) movement that formed from the reaction to World WarI and instead of focusing on aesthetically pleasing artwork its purpose was to ask hard hittingquestions about society and the world we live in. A major influence to the dada art movement wasHannah Höch, who produced many collage and photomontage pieces that really showed her politicalstance with the most important being gender equality.Hannah Höch was born as Anna Therese Johanne Höch on November 1, 1889. She was born insoutheast Germany where she grew up. She was the oldest of her five siblings so while she did attenda girl’s high school she left early to care for her youngest sister. Eight years later in 1912 she beganclasses at the School of Applied Arts in Berlin, where, to please her father, took a curriculum in glassdesign and graphic arts, instead of a more fine arts education. Unfortunately the school closed in1914 during the outbreak of World War I so she returned home to join the Red Cross. A year later in1915 she was able to enroll at School of the Royal Museum of Applied Arts where she met the dadaartist Raoul Hausmann, to where they would have a intense and stormy relationship. Hannah was amodest women who had no interest in becoming a big celebrity or being recognized for her work.The dada movement that started in 1919, heavilyrejected monarchy and militarism.The movement was called the anti-art movementbecause it rejected the basic principles of art andwent for a more no boundaries, playful route. Manydada pieces, including Hannahs’s were questioning of the Weimar Republic and itsfailed attempt at trying to rebuild the government. There were three main artistsin the dada movement and those being George Grosz, John Heartfield and RaoulHausmann. While some people claimed Hannah’s relationship with Hausmann was what got her popular, she was able to make a name for herself on her own and was ableto have a piece in the First International Dada Fair in 1920.Höch’s style was to show the political explosion that was happening around her,but from a women’s perspective. She did this by finding images and text frommedia outlets like newspapers and magazines and then would combine them in veryinteresting ways. Hannah’s work influenced todays design by being an inspiration towomen designers and to show art in a different way. She showed art with a messageand a stance which is inspiring for people to voice their opinions with their art. Dadaas a whole influenced design today by showing that unconventional methods ofmaking art are possible and if done correctlycan come together to create a powerful piece.As time passed Hannah lived in Berlin where shelived a very secluded and low profile life. Herimpact and influence in the dada art movementwill be remembered and recognized for a verylong time, and to show art that was not art, andto get rid of ascetics, logic, and reason is veryinspiring. She showed nonsense and irrationalitythat influenced todays design by showing acompletely different side of what ispossible.


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