This working online and checking on work, rather

This essay will discuss the following statement and its varying
aspects “Social media has helped individuals create a better balance between
their work and family lives.”. From this statement,
the essay will address a range of views on the subject and then will conclude
at the end addressing the information presented in the main body of the text. Social
media is described as, ”a group of Internet-based applications that build on
the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0 and that allow the
creation and exchange of User Generated Content”
(Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). The balance
between work and family life is where an individual
can effectively manage their time between their role as an employee and that of
a member of a family (Greenhaus et al.,
2003). In the past individuals were able to clearly define when they were
working and when they were involved with their family; however, this boundary with
the introduction of social technology has become much more blurred making it
harder for the individual to evaluate the balance between work life and family
life (German, 2017).



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Can social media help to improve an individual’s work life
balance; or “is it the price we have to pay to work flexibly” (Digital Brain Switch, 2016). For many
people social media dominates daily life be it at work or at home; but how does
this help individuals with their work-life
balance. Firstly, flexible working or working away from the office; has become
much more available to employees due to social media networks. This then enables
employees to often positively integrate work with family; for example, if a parent
needs to take their child to school in
the mornings and bring them back in the afternoon parents can fulfil these tasks,
while still being able to attend to work if need be due to social media. Conversely, this integration and flexibility
can affect the family life negatively
because social media can absorb people for lengthy periods of time which can make
people spend more time working online and checking on work, rather than
interacting with their family. In the case of flexibility,
social media is a tool which needs to be managed by the individual carefully as
not to have a negative impact on work and family life. There are ways of managing
this for family life disconnecting from work influence social media on weekends
and in the evenings (German, 2017), will help your overall balance; also with
this flexibility, it is important to not let
family life affect working productivity.


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