This to show themselves widely in the 1960s,

This is a short
review about The Silence of the Lambs and I mostly tried to focus on Hannibal
Lecter in the movie and the environment when he was created.

Through series murder cases that began to
show themselves widely in the 1960s, the whole world had the opportunity to
recognize the various sick spirits that embody the discomforts of American
society. These people, who have many personality disorders within them, will
initiate a police investigation which will lead them to be referred to as
‘serial killers’, to correct the scattering around, or to deviate from other
ways to satisfy themselves in the brutal capitalist order of this society.
Ownership of the murders committed under common themes will leave a trail of
links to each of their previous victims in each victim, and will inevitably
contribute to the progress of the science of criminology. The interesting part
is that American society has followed the stories of these evil spirits with
great curiosity and has always been interested in these stories, which have
appeared both in literature and in cinema. These interesting psychosomatic
personalities, such as Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Son of Sam, and Gary Heidnik, which
seem to be ordinary, yet cause their inner worlds to perform terrible
massacres, have been seen as brains to be investigated and curious in every
field. They were also subject to countless books, films and research. One of
those serial killers who inspired cinematography, Ed Gein was a man who
murdered many women after his mother died of cancer.  He was crazy enough to make dress from skins
of his victims,  home décor from their
body parts. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was inspired by him and he was also a
good material for journalist Thomas Harris to write a novel. Actually Thomas
Harris was on the summit of best-seller with his second novel which he wrote in
1981. In 1986, director Michael Mann, creator of the “Miami Vice”
series, made a film in this novel, Manhunter (1986). In the Red Dragon, FBI
agent Will Graham, who pursued and arrested a serial killer named Francis, was
collecting information about this crazy Dr. Lecter,  who literally eats his patients. Mann’s film
was based on the novel, but it was a movie far from Hollywood norms that did
not stick to every  word in the novel. it
was as art-house production as not to be expected of a serial killer movie or a
detective movie.

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Harris published another novel in 1991
thanks to the high public interest in his first novel. The Silence of Lambs was
a novel in which the character of Dr. Lecter was more important when compared
Red Dragon. Because, for many people, 
the secondary character , Dr. Lecter was more interesting than the other
characters. When this book again attracted great attention,  the producer company Orion Pictures and Gene
Hackman bought the copyrights. Hackman wanted to be both a lead actor and a
director in this movie. Also he was the one who found scenarist Ted Tally.But
then Hackman found Tally’s scenario too much violent but Orion liked the
scenario and decided to progress without Hackman. Then Orion hires Jonathan
Demme. At first , Demme wants his old colleague Michelle Pfeiffer as lead actor
but Pfeiffer rejected because of the same reasons with Hackman. Finally they
agree with Jedie Foster because she wants this role so much. And as Hannibal
Lecter, they both agree on Anthony Hopkins.

The movie begins with a disturbing music.
There is a woman running in the woods desperately. And this first scene
actually tells us how will the movie be like . But eventhough we think like
this is a regular story like the others, I mean there is hero and mostly he is
a man and he saves the beautiful girl with his courage. But The Silence of
Lambs is not like that. This time that hero is not a strong, courages man. This
time hero is a woman. An FBI agent who even hasn’t finished her all trainings,
Clarice Starling. Actually, the thought  that women are more vulnerable than men is a
great weapon that works well in such a psychological thriller. The film does
not hesitate to use this. In the first scene the camera follows her from every
angles. Then we see that another FBI agent calling her to FBI center. And then
we see her getting on the elevator with lots of men. The men are looking her
strange and we can understand that she feels lonely and shunned between those
men. And at the end of this first scene we see her waiting in Jack Crawford’s

When Clarice meets with Dr.Lecter for the
first time , she was so surprised because she was expecting more cruel looking,
rude and crazy man. But he was unexpectedly so kind. He even said “Good
Morning!” when he saw her. And after a short talk about Miggs the guy who said “I
can smell your cunt.” to Clarice when she was walking towards Dr.Lecter’s cell,
one of the great quotes that we can understand how clever and sensible
Dr.Lecter is. He says “You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap
shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little
taste. Good nutrition’s given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than
one generation from poor white trash, are you, Agent Starling? And that accent
you’ve tried so desperately to shed: pure West Virginia. What is your father,
dear? Is he a coal miner? Does he stink of the lamp? You know how quickly the
boys found you… all those tedious sticky fumblings in the back seats of
cars… while you could only dream of getting out… getting anywhere…
getting all the way to the FBI.” Eventhough Clarice tried to response
this attack with another attack, she couldn’t say anything after Dr.Lecter told
her about the registrar that he ate his liver because he tried to test him and
he actually kicked her out in a really polite way. After
Clarice’s exposure to Miggs’s sperm attack in the end, Lecter recalls her and
gives her the first tip of the puzzle. He wants her to find his old patient Moffet.
We will see that Dr. Lecter’s relationship with Clarice is a realitonship like
between, a psychopat- an FBI agent admiring to this psychopat, a psychiatrist-
a patient, and even a father – a daughter. Even in this first meeting with Dr.
Lecter, she couldn’t resist him to get into her brain. We can understand this
when witnessing her criying for remembering her father when she was leaving the
hospital. When she was making a research about Lecter, she was interrupted with
Crawford’s call. Crawford tells her that Miggs committed a suicide because of
Dr. Lecter’s advises to him. Eventhough Crawford didn’t know, Clarice was sure
that this was gift for her from Dr. Lecter. And at the end Crawford asks her to
make a research about Moffet.

After Clarice found the head of Moffet, Dr.
Lecter’s old patient, in a jar, she visits Dr. Lecter again for the second
time. Clarice asked him about why he killed Moffet and why he wanted her to
find this. Actually Dr.Lecter is not the one who killed Moffet, he was the one
hiding it. And Dr. Lecter tells her that it was just the beginnig of a
transformation progress. And when she asks about what did he mean by
transformation, he tells her his demands. He wants to be moved to another
federal place far from Dr.Chilton, with a nice wiev and a window. Then he tells
her that Buffalo Bill killed Moffet and probably he is looking for another
woman right now. While Crawford was taking  her to examine a newly discovered female
corpse, Clarice understood that she was sent to Lecter as a bait for Dr. Lecter
to talk , have conversations with someone whom he may like. And on the other
hand, in the funeral home, Clarice remembered his father and during the movie
we can understand her yearning to her father and the contusion because of being
an orphan. This short information will always help us to understand when she is
making a decision.

When Clarice and Dr. Lecter meets for last
time in the movie. Clarice told him about her life. She told him that when she
was just ten after her police officer  Father Starling was killed by two robbers, his
mother sent Clarice to the farm next to her cousins . It is actually a farm
where horses and lambs are to be killed.  Clarice wakes up from her sleep because of the
cries of the lambs on the farm. These screams cause the horses to become
cranky. And one day  Clarice couldn’t stand
anymore and  opened the door to rescue
the lambs which understand and crying that they will be cutten the next
morning, but none of them has escaped. The cries of the lambs were reminiscent
of the days when his father, his entire world, had died and remained a lonely
child to her.  She wants to save at least
one of Gumb’s last victim, Catherine, to end the lamb screams she heard  probably the times  when she feels like she needs her father.
Lecter gave her the last tip after she confessed these things. In this last
meeting with Dr. Lecter in Memphis, she was like talking to her therapist. And
it was like a patient and doctor. Patient was talking about her deep problems
and he was listening.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chilton was annoyed because  he was feeling like he was completely out of
the picture, so Chilton decides to confront Lecter in Memphis with Senator Ruth
Martin in tight security measures. Despite these tight security measures thanks
to Anthony Hopkins great act, we can easily understand that who is in charge
there. In this scene Dr.
Lecter tells them that Buffalo Bill’s real name is Louis Friend. Then Clarice
realises that this name is fake. It’s actually a different form of Iron

The same night with
this meeting, Dr. Lecter escapes from the room he was being held in Memphis.
And this escape progress is like another movie in a movie. And it takes ten
minutes in the movie. It is a great escape. This escape part includes too much
violonce compared to whole movie. This part is portrayed as a stylish show of a
bigger and more brilliant killer that it’s maint target, Gumb.

That night Dr.
Lecter was going to stay in a speacially crafted cell for him. There were two police
officers with him, Boyle and Pembry.       They
are policemen who are above their averages, polite, moderate and good-hearted.
They brought Dr. Lecter’s dinner in a tray while Dr. Lecter was listening Bach’s
Goldberg Variations. On the other hand he was sitting in only the place with
curtain in the cell and he was hiding the a part from Dr. Chilton’s pen in his
hand. He led Boyle to put him in handcuffs. Then he warns Boyle to pay
attention to his drawings on the table when Boyle was about to put the food
tray on his drawings. Boyle folds the drawings and lifts them from the table
extremely well-intentioned and carefully. And we can see the magazine with “Bon
Appetit” writing on it. And while these, Lecter already got rid of those
handcuffs. He ties Boyle’s hands to the bars with handcuffs. Then he bites
Pembry’s face and uses pepper gas on his eyes. And then he kills Boyle, the guy
who was so kind to him, in a very wild way. He smashes his head with baton. And
after he is done with Boyle, we see him listening Bach and in peace. But he is
not done with Pembry yet.  He takes Boyle’s
pocket knife which is on the ground, and moves toward Pembry. The scenery that
the police reinforcements and S.W.A.T team saw when they were upstairs was
incredible for them. They see that poor Boyle hanging everted. One officer
realises that Pembry is still alive. They call the ambulance immediately. When
the S.W.A.T was heading through that suspect on the elevator shaft we see that
they are taking Pembry to ambulance. But then we see that he is not actually
Pembry, He is Dr. Lecter. He skinned Pembry’s face and covered his face with
that skin.

At the end of the
movie, Lecter makes a phone call to her and ask her if the cries of the lambs
have stopped. And tells her not worry about him with this sentence. “I have no plans to call on you Clarice, the
world’s more interesting with you in it”. And the conversation ends with
a great sentence from Dr. Lecter. “I do wish we could chat longer but, I’m
having an old friend for dinner. Bye.” That old friend he is having for
dinner is Dr. Chilton.


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