This target production date, only these applications will

project will be designed to address the merger of two companies; MarDel
Technology and Chang Enterprises, which will include identifying the hardware
and software upgrades that will be needed in order to integrate different
technologies from different companies and incorporate industry best practices
as well as cost-effective solutions in connection with the development of
technological systems.

Background including current process

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This project is focused on assessing and updating
the current technology to accommodate the merging of two organizations.

Currently, there is a limited technology infrastructure to support the business
at this time, so we will review the hardware and software resources to make a

The project goal is to assimilate various
technologies based on industry standards in order to develop a cost-effective
solution that will introduce new technologies, such as cloud computing and virtualization
to the organization. The goal is to implement the solution in a hosted
solution, on-site solution, or a hybrid model   

The IT role for this project is the Chief
Information Officer who will oversee the entire project from start to finish.

Additionally, the Information System Manager will provide assistance with
installing or upgrading any new technologies.


Scope of Project

The scope of this project includes a number
of areas.  For each area, there should be
a corresponding strategy for incorporating these areas into the overall

Applications                In order to meet the target production date, only these
applications will be implemented: Microsoft Cloud Services (Windows Azure)
which can accelerate the growth of the business along with Software as a
Service (SaaS) which will make use of a cloud computing infrastructure to
deliver one application and provide the benefits of virtualization. 


Sites                              These
sites are considered part of the implementation: One building occupying one
floor looking to expand to three (3) floors. 

Process Re-engineering      Re-engineering will provide office
automation, and will allow the business to be conducted in different locations,
flexibility in manufacturing, permitting quicker delivery to customers and
supports rapid and paperless transactions. In general, it will allow an
efficient and effective change in the manner in which work is performed.

Customization           Customizations will be limited to the applications that
will be installed to ensure that the needs of the organization are met. One of
the applications that may need customizations is Saas which will be made to
allow activities to be managed from central locations in a one-to-many model,
including architecture, pricing, partnering, and management characteristics.

The operating system will need to be customized to enhance security and SQL
Server will need to be customized in order to build Hybrid IT.

Interfaces                    the
interfaces included are: SQL Server 2014 will interface using Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V for
efficient use of computer, network, and storage. This will make the databases
and supporting infrastructure elastic to efficiently meet demand with new
versions of SQL Server and Windows Server.

Architecture                Application and Technical Architecture will be
upgraded to accommodate the company’s growth. Windows Server 2016 will be
installed along with the roles and technologies. This will provide a more
robust system to handle the technologies that will be installed.

Conversion                 Only
the following data and volume will be considered for conversion: all current
customer data and employee data, where applicable.

Testing                         Testing
will include only testing the interface with the SQL Server 2014 and Windows
Server 2016 environment.

Funding                       Project
funding is limited to one million dollars. This funding includes the total
costs of the project and the life cycle cost; including the recurring and
one-time costs over the full life span of the system. This would be the
purchase price, installation costs, operating costs, maintenance, and upgrade
costs; as well as residual value at the end of the ownership or its useful
life. Based on the upgrades/enhancements that need to be implemented, the
organization will be able to increase revenue which will allow the applications
and technologies that are installed to basically pay for themselves.

Training                       Training
will be provided by the technical staff initially. The technical staff will
meet with the Executive team to devise a training plan for all employees who
will use the technologies; this will include lunch and learn sessions and
virtual sessions which will be led by a member of the technical staff. Once
these initial sessions are completed, recordings of these sessions will be made
available to any new employees who require training on the new systems.

Education                    Education
will include but is not limited to email blasts to make the employees aware of
the processes and technologies; bulletins advertising the importance of
security and how to maintain proper practices; pamphlets with Frequently Asked
Questions attached to help associates with day to day tasks; recorded sessions
and webinars to provide extended training, when needed.

Constraints and Assumptions

The following constraints
have been identified:

Project funding
sources are limited, with no contingency.

Project must be
completed within timeframe of sixty (60) days with no extensions

Resources are
limited to four IT members. Offshoring or outsourcing will be utilized if
needed and provides cost savings to the organization.

The following assumptions
have been made in defining the scope, objectives and approach:

Four members of
the technical staff will be working at 25% dedicated time.

Staff working
hours occur on an 8:30am-5:00pm schedule.

A defined budget
of one million has been allocated to complete the project.

Project scope
will not be modified. However, the Project Plan may change as new information
and issues are revealed

The Steering
Committee will participate in the timely execution of the Project Plan.

Project team
members will adhere to the Communications Plan


The following risks have
been identified as possibly affecting the project during its progression:

specific risks to the project were identified; however any future risks will be
documented and managed appropriately. Any risks identified will have a
mitigation strategy assigned and be monitored on an ongoing basis by the
Project Leadership team.  Appropriate
actions will be taken and ongoing strategy decisions will be updated as the
situation is monitored.

Scope Control

The control of changes to the
scope identified in this document will be managed through the Change Control,
with business owner representative approval for any changes that affect cost or
timeline for the project. However, in order to meet the deadline for this
project, tasks will need to be completed timely and the scope needs to be
controlled in order to prevent scope creep. The utmost important part of
controlling the scope is to analyze, manage and discuss impacts of the
schedule, resources and cost changes.

Relationship to Other Systems/Projects

It is the
responsibility of the business unit to inform IT of other business initiatives
that may impact the project.  The
following are known business initiatives:

Ways to leverage
data warehousing.

Creating a
repository for collected data beyond standard relational databases

Definition of Terms (if applicable)





Software as a Service is a
software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally
hosted on the cloud.

Windows Azure/Cloud

Microsoft’s application
platform for the public cloud

SQL Server

This is a cloud-ready
information platform.

Hyper-V over SMB

Server Message Block (SMB)
is a network file sharing protocol which allows applications to read and
write to files and request services from server programs in a computer


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