This field. Social Tagging Network is also a

article “The Informational Value of Social Tagging Networks” is
written by “Hyoryung Nam & P.K. Kennan. In the social tagging system,
tagging activities for consumers leaves a lot of parallel information. Users
choose their own label resources based on their own interests, first knowledge,
personal opinion and other criteria, thus consumers also get the benefits of
the Data mining because it provides improved outreach through social tagging
networks. Research social tags have a deeper understanding of the emerging
structure of the main focus of the system, when indulged in tagging activities
social networks uses information and background information to provide optimize
results identify your background information to detect any user’s Results. Due
to the various mechanisms, the results of the automatic background information
support recommendations that can be used to complete the user profile. Hence
the article introduces the application of social media learning system and
analyzes the characteristics of user behavior tagging.


article provides  information about the
work processes of social tagging networks to existing marketers and  the new people entering in Marketing field.
Social Tagging Network is also a new and modernized  way to advertise your product in social media
and plus with the help of Social Tagging Network you will get to know that if
consumers like your product or not and if not then what is the reason that the
consumers are not satisfied and whether they are upset about the product’s quality
or its price and in that way  (the owner
of the product) will get to know that how one can fix the mistakes and can
enhance the products quality. Afterwards, Sooner or later will get to know if
the product is affordable for the consumers or not.

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The reason
why “Social Tagging” fits within the broader stream of research in marketing is
because this is what is coming up in future for many and many businesses. Many
businesses are using “Social Tagging” for their businesses and that is very
helpful for them. To support that concept that why “Social Tagging” is helpful
for businesses. I can use my own business example. I am small business owner
and I take online orders and design outfits based on my consumers need and
wants and ship them worldwide. I post my outfit’s designs pictures on Facebook
and Instagram page of my brand and you would be amazed to hear that “Social
Tagging” is the number one thing that is helping me to run my business
successfully in that way. With the help of “Social Tagging” I know what kind of
designs people like to wear. Through people feedback i get to know the
expectations of consumer but they cannot afford to buy because it is way too
much expensive for them to buy so that way “Social Tagging” helps me to reduced
my products price little bit to satisfy my customers need. Sometimes, I get to
know that my outfits are at very reasonable price as compare to other brands or
in market. That way sometimes, I raise my product’s price little bit to help
myself to run my business. Social Tagging Networks helping a lot to rise the
business though it’s on small scale or big corporation.


Framework is used to frame the study and analyze the data. You can record
firm’s or business’s marketing actions like how you are advertising your
product in market, how can you advertise or launch your new product in market
and how’s your firm’s public relations. You will get to know the information on
social media about your business and the performance of the business like how
much sales you have made, you much profit you earned or how much loss you have
in your business.


Tagging” plays a very important role in marketing these days. Many big firms
are using “Social Tagging Networks” to analyze their marketing strategy. It
helps them to make their product better in market.



In conclusion, I would say that “Social Tagging Networks”
plays very important role for any business no matter if it’s small business or
big corporation. It does help in every kind of business to keep track on
business annual performance. With the help of Social Tagging Networks  you would get to know what are your consumers
looking for. You would get to know if your product quality is good or not,
if your product is affordable for your consumers or not. And if you fix all
these issues in your product you will sell more and more product and in that
way you will get to earn profit for your business. I believe, we should teach
“Social Tagging” to our new marketing students who are going to handle our
future market. They should know the importance of Social Tagging Network
to improve our Social Economy System of Pakistan.



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